The Puppets

Sophie was hiding behind a pot plant inside the owner's office; Mary and I were hovering just over the owner. The owner was hunched over his desk with his reading glasses on. On the desk were some papers he was filling out. There was a lamp beside the paperwork. The only other light was emitted from a small light bulb in the ceiling. Also hanging from the ceiling were what seemed to be hundreds of puppets. The ceiling was built so the puppets hung about a foot over the owners head when he was standing.

Mary and I floated to the ceiling and grabbed some of the puppets, and they came to life. I also broke the lamp. The puppets started to move, and the owner looked up, looking afraid of the dark.

One by one the puppets eyes turned blood red as they stared at the owner.

The owner got to his feet and ran screaming from the room, so the puppets settled down, and were back to being inanimate.

We all cracked up laughing as we stared at his seat, were there was a wet spot. Use your imagination to find out why that was there!

That night Sophie was still here, and there was once again a commotion going on below.

"I'll only take the job if you give me a 100 raise!" A man down on the first floor said calmly to the fuming owner, who had changed his pants it seemed from on the third floor.

"WHAT! That's doubling your pay! That isn't fair! I'll do the damn job then!" the owner cried out.

We all smiled from above, as we knew this night would be the most horrifying of his life.

That night at midnight the owner sat sleepily at his post at the front desk. It was sprinkling rain outside, and the pleasant pitter-patter of the rain was once again heard.

Mary crept up behind him and slapped him over the head. He fell off of his chair with a gasp and swung around. He didn't see any one.

He shook his head and told himself, "It was probably just my imagination."

He turned on the TV he had brought down from his office which was now on the ground in front of the desk.

"I have a great idea! Do you remember how you look just like Samara?" I whispered to Mary.

"Yeah" she answered.

"Well you should climb out of the TV dripping wet! That would sure frighten him!" I plotted.

Mary climbed into the back of the TV, and it suddenly went to static.

The owner hit the remote a few times and kept pressing buttons, nothing worked though.

Then the strange images came onto the TV, she was going great!

When they finished the phone rang. The owner slowly and cautiously picked up the phone, and stuttered out, "Hello?"

"Seven days!" a girl's voice said which I recognized as Mary's. Then the phone went dead.

The owner had a scared look on his face and looked back at the TV. Then a message none of the Rings have came on the screen.

Screw the seven days, your time is now!

Then Mary climbed out of the screen completely visible.

The owner screamed then sprinted straight into the doors. He fumbled around then managed to unlock and open it. He ran as far away as he could from this museum then.

We laughed our heads off for a moment, and then I got a strange feeling that we weren't alone. I told my worries to Mary and she said she felt it as well, so we fled to the third floor, were we knew the way around everything.

Just as we left a man rose from the ground, with burns on his chest, mouth, ears, nose and his eyes were burned so much that they were now all black.

"I'm back!" the demon said, "And I don't plan on losing again!"

At her home Sophie was watching her TV; actually she was watching House on her TV but whatever.

She loved House; it was both entertaining and made sense. Suddenly the image of Cuddy arguing with House became static, and then it turned over to the museum she was at just today, and it looked like it was from a security camera.

"What the…" she whispered in surprise.

On the screen Mary and I were scaring the owner, then as we left back onto the third floor a man rose from the floor.

"Oh crap, he's back…" Sophie whispered.

Then the demon said something, and then looked at the camera.

"Darkness will reign free!" the demon hissed, and then the TV returned to House.

Sophie leapt to her feet and ran into the kitchen. Her mum and Dad weren't home; they were out at a business party and were probably drinking, so they wouldn't be home until 3 in the morning or even later. Still Mary quickly scribbled a note about how she was going to a friend's house to watch a movie.

She quickly sprinted out the door, locked it behind her, and then rode her bike up to the museum. But was it too late to save us?



1. Goosebumps Theme Song
2. Don't Fear the Reaper By: HIM
3. Haunted By: Evanescence
4.You'll Never Catch Me By: Steve Harwell
5. Points of Authority By: Linkin Park

6. Last Resort By: Papa Roach