Sometimes don't you feel that maybe you're kind of floating?


Yeah, like maybe you're just walking, somewhere, and then the next moment you're floating.

I don't think I understand you.

You know what floating is, right?


Then why don't you understand?

I guess I don't understand because I don't fully know where you're coming from.

I don't come from anywhere. But my parents were from—

No, not where you're from – where you're coming from.

Um. Are you always like this?

Like what?

Like confusing.

I'm sorry I'm confusing you. How am I being confusing, exactly?

Well, first you say you don't understand me because you don't know where I'm coming from, but when I tell you where I'm coming from, you say you don't want to know where I come from.

I already know where you come from—

But I don't have a home.

What I mean when I say I don't know where you're coming from is that I don't know the context from which your thoughts are originating.

Well, my thoughts usually come from my brain, which is in my head, so my thoughts are coming from my head? Don't your thoughts come from your head, too?

No, not literally… metaphorically.

I didn't know my head was a metaphor. What is it a metaphor for? Sometimes I feel like it's not there, you know. Like it's left my neck and has gone away. But it comes back. Maybe my neck has a string, and my head's tied like a balloon so it will always come back. Maybe my head is a balloon.

Well, nothing is impossible.

Impossible is impossible. Does that make your head hurt? It makes my head hurt. Impossible is impossible. Impossible… is impossible. Impossible is impossible. Impossible is possible. Possible is impossible. Impossible is impossible. Impossible is impossible. Is impossible impossible? Impossible. Impossible. My balloon-head is flying high in the sky.

Are you floating now?

No. Flying is not floating.

What is flying, then?

Flying is flying.

Can you explain more to me about flying?

If you don't know what flying is then I can't explain it to you.

Well, I know what floating is; how is flying different from it?

Flying is not floating; floating is not flying. Floating is floating. Flying is flying. But you have to float before you can fly. Floating is easy.

Sometimes don't you feel that maybe you're kind of floating?