NOTE: This isn't finished... There will be a couple more verses after the chorus in the future. I just wanted to post it today :)

Brighter Than The Sun

Monotone hum of fluorescent lights
Almost can drown out my thoughts
And almost distract me from you, but not quite.
My mind is so far away...

It's with you, though I know you are miles away
From me now, but just physically.
In my mind you are here, and with closed eyes, my dear,
It's your face, not black depths, that I see.

Just close your eyes now, and we'll sail away
Sail away from the life they're all living
Our hope and our love, it will billow the sails
Of the small wooden boat we've been given.
And however it storms, our boat will sail on,
The blazing bullet from the dull empty gun,
Through the rain I can see, you are smiling at me,
And your smile will out-shine the sun.