Tell Me, Leading Lady

by, Cassandra

I lose myself in a world I created.
I lost myself in between the lines of my fiction.
I overwrite my personality with that of a character.
So, tell me Leading Lady… who are you today?

Did you fall last night?
Did you cry?
Did you lose your fight?
Did you even try?

Can you look yourself in the eye?

Tell me, Leading Lady, do you remember your own name?

("I am… I am… I am…")

You've forgotten yourself already.

Go ahead and hide behind your latest mask,
but I know who you really are.
I know who you were.
I know who you've been.
I can't help unless you reach out a hand.

And you're lost in your head again.
Lost in the script again.
Lost in this lie again.
You let yourself die again.

Only to be reborn into a brand new role.
So, tell me Leading Lady… who are you today?

("I am… I am… I am… pretend.")

I pretend.