I need an adrenaline rush.

I need to feel like I am living and not just sitting around
wasting so much time and youth that should be in use.
I need to shatter the stars beneath my tree carved treasures
while letting the shards rain all over my dance…

I need to feel alive.

I need to jump in puddles and get mud all over a pure
white dress that was fresh off of my sewing machine
and be scolded for sticking my fingers in the cookie dough
that my parents left on the table for baking some other time.

I need to move.

I need to melt the ice that my feet have become and let
the fear subside so I can be something more than still.
I need to flirt with the (cute) boy that I am head over heels
for and just say something stupid that will stick in his mind (forever).

I need to get out of my comfort zone.

I need to write (love) letters to someone who won't ever read them
and dance ballet only to fall on my face at the feet of a person
carrying roses for the lovely girl next to me and just laugh for
all of the serious people in the audience that were holding it in.

I need to live.

I need to let a scream pierce the silence just because I can
and praise (God) at a concert full of people dressed in black
that are screaming for other reasons than me…more than just
because they can but because they can't be who they want to be.

I need to do more than just sit here dreaming of what I could be.
(I need to light the world.)