Chapter 1

"Why do you do this to me Matt?" I whined. Jake Travolta just asked me to the Homecoming dance and my brothers scared the poor boy to death. It's not fair. It was cool when I was nine and we first made the agreement with my dad. It was cute when I was twelve when I didn't want boys to be around me due to kooties. But now at 16 it was decently not cute anymore and far from cool. It was bad enough that I only had 1 friend and no one like me. Now I can't even get a date let alone have a boyfriend. Something has got to give.

"Because..." Matt started

"I know, I know. (why do I always ask questions that I already knew the answer to?) Because Dad made you promise to protect me. But why must you protect me from everything and everyone. I'm 16 now. Let me live my life." This was how it always was. And it always ended with a big fat


"I hate you guys." Looking around I saw Michael leaning against the wall of the library entrance. "Love you to Carol." He said smirking.

"Fine then I demand then you let me go with Alex."

They stared at me. You see Alex was their best friend and the hottest guy at school. He was also the only person in this school that talk to me regardless of my brothers and they let him because he was safe. He wouldn't, in their minds, wisk me away from them and does me any harm because they trusted him. Alex was like another brother to them. And he was my only friend. Alex was 18 like Matt. They had all the same classes.

"Fine but only if he asks you."

I smirked and looked at them with laughter. "He already did. He figured you wouldn't let me go like freshmen and sophomore year and said if it was okay with you he'd take me. HaHaHaHA. I tricked you again."

Yeah I'm good I thought to myself

"You little devil." Matt said trying to be serious.

There was a moment of silence then.


Even when we fought we always laughed about it later. We just had that sort of strong relationship. Just at that moment Alex arrived He picked me up and sat me on his shoulders. This something we always do. My brothers don't mind but they don't know that we are in love.

"Hey Karri, Matt, Mick. What's up?" He was smiling and just being Alex. Like always there was no reply. We just sat there and laughed at nothing.

"You guys mind if I date your sister.'

The laughter stopped. I looked down at him. What the hell.

We laughed nervously.

"Sure why not." Matt said thinking it was a joke. Michael just sat quiet. Like always.

"Good." Alex said pulling me off his shoulders and spinning me to face him before pulling me in to a kiss. I kissed him back forgetting for just a second that my brothers were there.

Oh no he's going to die... But his lips feel so...

I was pulled away from him and the next thing I knew a fist was going into Alex's face.

Oh no.

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