I walked into the house and hung up my jacket. I loved being in this house it made me feel so good. And now that dad had moved here permanently I could come over when ever I wanted. It was an old Victorian style house with 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, a study and a home theater. The kitchen was fully updated and the front yard had a beautiful garden.

We had lived in the house when we were little but mom wanted to move to the city once we started school. She always said the city was no place to raise kids but if there are no kids around then it was find. Now that she was gone the house in New York was to much for dad. Litchfield Connecticut was a lot more peaceful for him and that had helped a lot with his stress and depression over the last few months.

"Dad are you here." I yelled knowing fully well that he was since his car was in the yard.

"In the study." came my dads voice but it didn't sound to happy right now. " Come here please."

Oh no. He knows. Matt and Mick must have called him. Oh no. Cramp. What to do. Quick think.

"Um in a minute Dad I got to put up my stuff and go to the…"

"Oh no" he cut in "Come in to the office now. Right now."


I walk down the mini hall way turning left into the living room and walked slowly toward the back to my dads private study. He only handle business in here. That and hand out tough lectures and harsh punishments.

" Have a seat young lady." He said as he saw me at the door frame. His black here seemed to have started to gray and I detected a small forming ball spot. Old age was catching up with my old man and the thought sadden me.

I took a seat and faced my dads stony face.

" Hi dad, what's going on." I smiled. It was not returned. Instead similar black eyes poured into me.

"What's going on indeed. I just I got an interesting phone call from your brothers about five minutes ago."

OH NO!!!!

" And it would seem that you lied to me a month ago when you told me that the boy I let take you out to diner, with out meeting first and talking with, was your boyfriend that your brother had allowed and trusted. It would also appear that they didn't even know about said boyfriend until today which lead to a fight."

"But Dad" He held up a hand.

" On top of all this the boy in question is Alex, a boy I think of as my own son and your brothers best friend. Do you realize what you have done."

I said nothing.

" Now is when you should be talking. The truth this time if you will." Scary.

" Okay, listen the guys do trust Alex and so do you. That is why I said yes when he asked me out. He was someone I could talk to, now he's someone I can Love. I didn't let you meet him because I knew you tell Matt and Mick and that would screw up with there relationship."

"Why is that?" Dad said trying, I think to be reasonable.

This is going well.

"Because no matter what you may think dad, they won't accept this. And right now I really don't care."

He stood up suddenly, anger written all over his face.

" Your choosing some boy over your brothers." He yelled. I flinched. I hated when he yelled but I wasn't backing down now.

"No I'm not choosing some boy over my brothers. I'm choosing your almost son, their best friend, their brother, the one person other than you guys that loves me, and my first love, over them. I'm almost 17 and I have yet to been allowed to go out with anyone of my choosing without having to lie or sneak. I don't want to hurt you guys but mom told me once to find my own voice and I'm going to. So you'll just have to deal with that. Now I'm going to get ready for the play tonight. You need to think about what I said."

With that I turned and left leaving a confused father.



I looked at my wife's picture over the fire place. Walking over to it I reached out and touched it.

" Oh Kathy how am I going to keep doing this without you? I'm not sure I can handle much more. Why did you leave this up to me?" Tears filled my eyes. My hand started to shake.

Let her find her own voice Matthew, She needs it more than I ever did.

" I remember you said that a lot. From when she was small. 1, 2 was it. No she was 3 the first time. When she wanted to go to the park with that boy Steve and I told her no. You really did curse me out about that. God I miss you. Come back will you?" I looked at the picture intensely before turning away.

"No answer still. It's been to long since I've heard your voice. I'll go visit you tomorrow. Put down some fresh flowers."

A smile formed on my face. " Lily's and Forget-me-not's. You really love those."

Looking out the window. I saw the patch where she use to grow them. "I'll bring one of your favorite books to read it to you. Even if you can't be there to listen, you'll hear me in heaven won't you. " I walked over to the window seat and stared off again in to the clouds.

"Yes, you'll hear me in heaven."

As I slowly felt sleep overtake me I missed the sounds of my daughter's sobs and tears as she rushed back up the stairs away from the touching moment she'd just encountered.

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