-1Sex Scene with Jamie Lynn

I think that while he was
cresting himself like a wind
around her cunt she was
tenderly kissing his collar bone;

so in love
with a boy-faced man
that all sounds and sights
into transcribing hieroglyphs
on the walls -

but never wallowing
on the same plane
as the one
she waltz's on.

In their love making she is
silent; too afraid and young to
spill herself across her lover,

she lays on her back
excepting and open,
like a love letter

she is pink words: (o.m.g
i.d.k.) she is swollen blond,

hiding the ball beneath clenched fists
held over tight bellies at a thanksgiving
table where a mother coos to her duet of
lost daughters.

Hardly never, she much think, this one,
, boldly silent twin to a screaming
other. One fuck up was enough -

must be, maybe Jamie Lynn
pregnant pause, church-cocked boyfriend
befriend the calm before it explodes.

He supports her, she thinks,
with her Louis Vuitton faced millions,

an infant sucking from its mothers infancy.

I think that while he was fucking her
he was groaning. But in her youth
she hadn't learned the tone of her own