English was always my favorite subject, as it came really easy to me. I was a self-proclaimed bookworm and happily read any book that people recommended to me. I also looked the stereotypical part too. In fact many people in elementary school had called me "Hermione" taken from Harry Potter, one of my favorite books, meant to insult me, but I was flattered by it actually. My hair was dark brown though, almost black and went to just below my shoulders. My eyes were brown also. Anyway I didn't know why people struggled in the class but I guess it was how I hated math, a most detestable subject in my opinion. And this being my Senior Year I was very excited to finally be able to be in AP English. Only seniors could take it. I looked forward to the class, for years I had only heard great things about Mrs. Lake who taught the class. So you can imagine my shock and utter disappointment when I wasn't placed in her class. Apparently due to the amount of students who had wanted the class they had to make 2 of them. I looked at my class slip in horror and dismay. Who was this Lucas Anderson anyway? Was he even any good? I sighed and resigned myself to my fate.

His classroom was in Building A second floor I had never had a class there. I climbed the stairs and looked for the room # 244. When I found the room I was surprised to see girls outside giggling and whispering to each other. I wouldn't have said anything, but they were blocking the entrance.

"Umm excuse me." The tallest one looked at me. She was blonde and skinny, her name was Catherine. Just my luck the most popular girl in school, all thanks to her plastic surgery. She looked at me incredulously and I frowned. Okay so maybe I looked like a schmuck why did she care? I had on black pants with a t-shirt and a coat over it, my hair down cause I was too lazy to do anything with it. And really what was the point no one was going to hit on me. I mean I wasn't ugly but I didn't exactly make it my mission in life to find the perfect makeup for my skin tone.

"Are you in this class?"

"Yeah." The other two turned to look at me as well. One of them was Ashley, Catherine's best friend and the other Lily. Ashley was a brunette with curly locks and frankly I thought she was much more beautiful than Catherine, with her creamy skin. Lily was the skinniest of the three, but she was also flat as a pole. They all looked at me with a weird expression that I didn't care for. Man it was way too early for this.

"You're in Mr. Anderson's first period class?" The way she said his last name weirded me out but I nodded my head.

"How did you get in?"

"What? I signed up for English that's how, why do you care?"

"I signed up for it too, but I didn't get in." I was shocked, not that she didn't get in I mean really, but that she even wanted to be in it in the first place.

"Why did you want to be in Advanced English for?" I couldn't help myself.

"Hell-o! Haven't you seen the new teacher?"

"No." I was confused what does he have to do with anything?

"He is like the most gorgeous creature that ever walked this earth." I looked at her like she was mental, I mean she did realize that he was a teacher right? She shook her head. "Why am I even explaining this to you, it's completely pointless, come on lets go." The trio walked away mumbling about how they were going to talk to the counselor and get in somehow.

I reached for the door handle and opened the door still shaking my head. Wierdos. That's when I saw him. And boy was that a shock. Mr. Anderson, Lucas smiled at me when I came in and got up from his desk to greet me. His smile was just perfect. He had long dark brown hair tips of which touched his shoulders in an almost teasing way. And as he got up a lock of his hair fell in his face, clouding one of his hazel eyes. I wanted to push it back. He had broad shoulders the kind that you want to sink your hands into. And an athletic body, which I refused to look at let my blush, which I knew I had, get worse. He was wearing a light navy sweater and black pants. He was defiantly a foot or more taller than me and as he walked forward I hugged my books to my chest, trying to stop my heart from beating so fast. What the hell was wrong with me? Okay so maybe he was incredibly gorgeous but really I wasn't Catherine a cute guy wasn't going to take points off my IQ.

"Why hello there." Good god his voice was so seductive. Did he even realize that? It was almost musical. He stopped too close to me. "My name is Lucas, Lucas Anderson and you're my first student. Welcome I hope we have a great year. I look forward to see what you can do." A moment passed and I couldn't bring myself to move my lips. "Uh are you alright?" His brows frowned questioningly. I looked at the floor. Oh god he thinks I'm crazy.

"I'm fine." I managed to squeak out. I closed my eyes until I was sure that I wouldn't make too much of a fool out of myself. Then I looked up at him and tried not to look him in the eyes. Instead I focused on that loose strand of hair. "Hi my name is Alex. I'm sorry about that but you caught me by surprise. I didn't expect you to be so young." Ah what the hell was wrong with me?! That was such an inappropriate thing to say! Kind of an insult really. To my surprise he started chuckling, god was there anything about him that wasn't attractive? I blushed furiously.

"Ah yes I get that a lot actually. This is my first year teaching so I hope you'll treat me kindly." He winked at me sending me into another bout of fluttery feelings. "Right out of school I'm doing my student teaching here actually, I'm 24." 6 years older than me. Gah! Why does that matter?! Stupid head. The door opened shoving me towards him, but I quickly dodged and landed on my butt. I didn't want any unnecessary touching as that could only make things worse. "Are you alright?"

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" Bethany my best friend. The one that I had coerced into taking this class with me. Over the summer she had cut her black hair into a bob so it matched her petite frame. She was more fashionable than I was, but also more shy. She had light brown eyes that conveyed all her emotions clearly. She helped me up not yet noticing our teacher. I felt her stiffen and knew that she had seen him.

"I'm fine."

"That's good. Oh hello my name is Lucas Anderson, I'm going to be your English teacher this year."

"Um hi." Beth blushed harder than I did.

"Well we better go get good seats, come on Beth." I pulled on her arm knowing she wouldn't be able to walk on her own. She stumbled along.

"Oh my god!" she whispered not that discreetly.

"Shh! I know okay." We sat in the front. Why? It had the best view of him and I wasn't going to pass that up. I sat in the seat directly in front of him.

"But wow!"

"I know!"

"Isn't it like a criteria that you can't look that good and be a teacher?"

"Be thankful it's not." Soon more and more students started entering, all the girls having the same reaction we did, heck even some of the guys were. Strange I know. And the bell rang soon after.

"Welcome I hope we have a good year and that you all learn something. This will be my first year teaching, but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you. If anything it means that I'm going to work you harder than you ever have been." Giggling ensued. Goodness people! You don't have to be so obvious. It didn't seem to faze him though he just continued. It was hard to concentrate, as the way his lips moved was very distracting. I wonder if it will be like this all year? "You've been selected for this class because I believe that you are the best." This caught everyone's attention. "You weren't told this, but each of you has been recommended for this class in particular." This was another shock. I didn't even realize that we had been evaluated. How strange. Class passed all too quickly and it was time to leave.

The rest of the day passed without much incident. A lot of talk about the new teacher though. I'm sure that he must have heard about it by now. How could he not? It was everywhere! I found it completely embarrassing cause it was one thing to think it, but completely different story to actually say it out loud. I kept my mouth shut for the most part, except with Beth of course. We were walking to the busses(I was a senior so it was quite sad.)

"Hey can I borrow your cell phone I want to see if my mom's here already?"

"Alright, you should really get one you know, hold on a sec." I rummaged through my bag, but couldn't find it. I started panicking, as this was my 5th cell phone. My dad had threatened my life if I lost another one. "Oh my god!! It's not here!! What am I going to do my dad is going to kill me!"

"Okay calm down, think where could you have dropped it?"

"I haven't even used it today!"

"Umm….wait! I know!"


"When I opened the door in first period you fell right?!"


"Well couldn't you have dropped it then?"

"I think I would notice that"

"Well it could have slid somewhere I mean if you didn't use it all day where else could it be?"

"You're right. Wait! That means I have to go to Mr. Anderson's class!"

"Yeah that's true, well good luck with that tell me how that works out!" She started leaving.

"No! You can't make me go by myself!"

"He's not going to eat you. Besides you know how my mom gets if she has to wait longer than 5 minutes to pick me up. Good luck!" She smiled and left.


"Bye! See you tomorrow!"

Great. Just great this is just what I needed, for him to think I was an airhead on the first day. I mean it was the FIRST day, especially with the impression that I gave him. I begrudgingly headed towards his room knowing that I had no choice. At least I would get to see him again. The butterflies started up again. I really shouldn't be having these thoughts. I knocked carefully on his door. I got no response. Maybe he was already gone? I knocked again and jiggled the door handle, it was open so I pushed it in. He wasn't in the room. I tried to tell myself that I wasn't disappointed, but it didn't work. This is for the best now he doesn't have to know that I am that much of an idiot. I began looking for my phone. I couldn't see it anywhere. Stupid phone where did you go? I heard a shuffling outside. Oh my god he's coming! I looked around and saw another door, I headed for that. It was a closet but I stuffed myself in there anyway. Why? I have no clue. I could barely see through the crack but it was enough to know that he wasn't alone.

"I told you Victoria, you can't come to my work!" Victoria, I assumed her name was, was gorgeous. Painfully so. She was blonde and had curves in all the right places not to mention she was tall. Of course he had a girlfriend. A guy like him it would be weird if he didn't. Why did this bother me so much? I felt an ache inside. I had such issues, I mean he was my TEACHER! So what if he was an Adonis, not to mention intelligent and tall. I frowned and shook my head.

"And I told you that we needed to talk."

"There is nothing to discuss, we're through." I looked up. Eh? He was breaking up with her?

"You don't mean that." She moved towards him seductively and I blushed. I could never be so forward. She touched his cheek and he instantly grabbed her hand and pushed her away glaring.

"Yes I do, now please get out. I have to prepare for class tomorrow."

"We aren't over."

"Yes we are."

"It was one little mistake can't you forgive me?"

"It wasn't even that okay? We are just too different."

"Come on he wasn't nearly the lover that you are." I blushed furiously, never more thankful that I was in the dark. Images ran through my head and I shook my head again in an effort to clear my thoughts. This was too much. Stupid phone! I'm going to buy a chain and attach it to myself at all times.

"Leave Victoria and please don't contact me anymore." He glared at her and that only made my heart beat faster, such a strong gaze. His eyes were incredible. She grabbed her coat and stormed out.

"This isn't the last you will hear from me." He sighed and placed his hand through his hair. I wondered how it would feel. To run your hands through it, it looked really soft. I mentally groaned, I was such a goner. Then he started walking towards me. Oh my god!! I looked around there was nothing, but a coat and stacks of books. Nowhere to hide! He got closer and closer. Oh my god what am I going to say! Then the door opens.

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