A gray sky called to me today

I just stood there like a child not knowing what to say

A time when life just didn't make sense

People just looked at me in discuss

And then times just changed

It took me a minute or two

Then I let go of my little black balloon

Watching it fly into that sky of gray

Fade into the world above me

Waiting for the day to end soon

My burden gone with the wind

Like something that just came and went

No one knows how it came to be

My little black balloon was just there

Then in the end letting it go was the best

My little black balloon took my life

It made me second guess myself every time

Made me find something that was wrong

Then step back and look a second time

I found nothing but the sadness of me

Mixed on the inside like something nasty

You took something that I will never get back

A love that I will never really know is real

I don't know how to recover from something fake

Tore me to pieces that are a million to fit back together

Gave you my air to lift you up

Gave me a string to carry you around with

Happy at first it was like a dream

Then we hid from the world that won't accept us

A lie and secret kept out of reach from others

As I look upon the sky so grey

That little black balloon sores away

Burden gone from my chest

Then in the end I knew it was for the best

I found the smile that I hid from the world once again