I wanted to stay in the shadows for my entire life.

attention is something I never really want in this world.

yet here I am in the eyes of everyone around me.
thrown onto a stool I never asked for when I got here.
then torn off just as easy as I was put on but why...

I can't look at anyone in eyes anymore just pointless.
walk around with my head down like a hurt puppy.
fake smile planted like an automatic thing yet worthless.
watching myself crawl deeper in the shadows.
i can't talk to anyone or they spread lies like a wild fire..

life can't hurt this damn much or be so damn cruel right.
the shadows cloud the chaos hidden away a distraction.
a person can't fell so worthless they hide from others.
then again being put down for all my life why quit now.
so I've been labeled as a dirt bag what else is new??