The rain lost me in it's tears to the earth

All I could do I is just sit and watch

It had been so long since the rain came this way

I just bottled up all the tears and kept them

Then swore it wouldn't happen again…

I know your heart an get all tangled up inside, but don't you keep it to yourself…

(Bring It On Home) Little Big Town

Lost so far gone I can't find myself anymore beyond this place

Looking so hard to find what I lost it's just fingertips away

I gave up that day just sitting on my rock wondering 'Who am I today?'

You just don't want me anymore, right?

I can't do you justice to what you need right?

You tell me this and that, but is it worth it?

So far away now how can we spend time with each other?

In the end maybe he is right…maybe we are just not meant to be…

The clouds go around like my heart.

Spinning fast as life goes on without you.

I found that one cloud to take me away so far.

You told me to go and enjoy my life while living.

So I left you behind and followed my dreams to fly.

The wings I have now so strong, but something missing…

That one place in my heart I thought you belonged is just gone…

How does one dream so beautifully? Make such dreams and put it down like art.

Telling a story, but where to start? I guess with my dreams of gold.

Then you came along and made my dreams just all die away, nightmares.