By: Kristine U.

Main Characters:

Azuma, Karin – 19 year old girl studying in a prestigious university. She's known to be smart, cunning and cheerful, but behind her almost perfect façade, a dark history remains obscure to everyone.

Minamoto, Kazuya – 20 years old. He's known for his looks, his wealth, and his weird actions. He's said to be reserved and arrogant to almost everyone in college.

Fujiyama, Daisuke – 21 years old, a commoner/ angel in disguise.

Ono, Takara – 22 Years old. Karin's savior from the bullies. Daughter of a prestigious Yakuza group, she does everything within her power to protect and help the ones who are dear to her. Karin's certified onee-chan.

Hamada, Minami – Best friend of Kazuya (is yet to be described) the guy rumored to be Ayako's ex boyfriend. Son of a brigadier general in the Japanese Army, he's well respected for his talents and attitude towards his comrades.

Matsukaze, Ayako – 19 years old. A Sorority leader who desperately seeks Kazuya's attention. Known for her fierce attitude and short temper, she's feared by everyone.

Matsukaze, Keisuke - 23 years old. A quiet and reserved person who always saves his sister's victims. He was once titled to be the vicious dragon in the university but after some events in his life, certain things have changed.

Saotome, Jirou – 20 years old. A Mysterious guy who always watch over Karin. (Is yet to be described)

Everyone's got chains that hold them back from living their lives to the fullest.

If you want success, if you want happiness, you must first struggle in the hands of Fate.

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