The Silencer

Samantha Grey was sat on her bed, reading a Discworld novel when the phone rang. She looked at the clock on her bedside table.

"Who would be phoning at two in the morning?" She wondered out loud.

She picked up the receiver, "Hello?" Sammy asked. The wasn't a reply.

"Hello, who's there? Is this a prank call? Who is it?"

"Your worst nightmare..." A scratchy voice whispered, sending shivers down her spine. The phone went dead.

There was a creak on the wooden floorboards behind her, she turned around, and screamed in terror.

A sudden swish filled the air, followed by a dull thud. Samantha Grey was dead.

No-one knows what happened to the 20-year-old's killer, or even who he is. All the police found along with the body was a name, of sorts, on the cream wall, written in the dead girl's blood.

'The Silencer'


Inspiration: Halloween by Aqua


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