She stroked her wing absentmindedly as she stared off into the distance. The soft black feathers were soothing to her in her present state. By the look of her black eyes, she had come back into her mind.

Her eyes widened to a startling size. A shrill scream came out of the night air- her own. She tried to scream the pain away, the agony coursing through her veins. She grabbed at her silky black hair, her pale skin a great contrast. The pain had already made her insane.

One thought seemed to penetrate her mind- she needed to cause herself more pain to make this one go away. She grabbed at her wing once more, her nails drawing blood. It trickled down her fingers and her arm. She pulled with all the strength her body could supply her. It was enough.

She slowly pulled off her wing, a crucial part of her avian-hybrid form. A fresh scream ensued. Crimson blood poured out of her back, staining her black robe. It pooled around her, so she swam amidst her own blood. She turned and grabbed the other one. It was slippery with blood, sweat, and tears, unbeknownst to her. She pulled this wing off as well.

She brought her hands to her eyes next. With her sharp-nailed fingers she gouged them out. She screamed again, louder. Her fingers were now caked with blood, and it streamed down her face.

She slowly fell forward. She rested in the pool of blood. It matted her hair and filled her mouth and nose. She inhaled the coppery-sweet liquid, and choked. Her bloody body went into spasms of coughing until no sound would escape her throat. She had a violent epileptic fit before becoming still.

Ultimately, her conscience brought about the end of this demon. Her conscience brought the end of the monster she had become when power was thrust upon her. Her greatest flaw was that people had died at her command, even at her own hands, when she still had a heart.

No physical pain she inflicted upon herself would match the internal pain that filled every muscle, nerve, and bone. Nothing could match the punishment she brought to herself by her cruel actions. Nothing would have saved her. For nothing can counteract the pain brought about by the strongest emotion.



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