The Devil Is in Juarez
"La Biblia Es La Verdad. Leela."

It's been raining for too long

These cloudy waters build a border that separates our ties
And the cries of all the tortured echo out into the night
The songs of battered lungs, the rhythm of tethered tongues
The rain it falls like acetone and scatters all our young

Buried in coarse wet sand

Such a lonely walk home across these barren plains
All are frightened now by the disgrace of what's been done
Our daughter's hands are bound and tied, their breasts now gently severed
For twelve years running, now I wonder how we wish to be so clever

Smokestacks rival mountaintops

Pale pink crosses litter the freshly moistened soil
Remembrance of these fallen soldiers or soldiers we call martyrs
The reluctant brave that fought the good fight, but were lost in lustful graves
There is no God in this town of Juarez for this is where the Devil stays

It's been raining for far too long