Okay peoples, this is FemaleFemale meaning girl on girl. If ya don't like it too bad.
Casey walked slowly into English. The last class of the day until the weekend and Meg Ryans less than 100 feet away from me and I can't even talk to her!

"Welcome class! Since we are rapping up our autobiographies and biographies I have a special announcement." Mrs. James announced. The class groaned. "You will each be assigned a partner and must write a biography on their life. It must be six pages long double-spaced in New Times Roman 10 font or handwritten in blue or black ink. Any questions? No? Well then let's get to the partners." Mrs. James called off the partners, to which some were met with hive-fives others with groans. Finally, she got to the last three pairs. "Kyle Hsu and Devon Markvic. Gigi Currico and Steven Parks. The last group, but not the least group is Casey Reynolds and Meg Ryans. You may get together and discuss the project until the end of the period."

Casey was speechless. Oh my God, I'm partner with Meg Ryans.

"Hey, I'm Meg Ryans and I guess I'm your partner." Meg held out her hand with a small smirk on her face.

Casey mouthed some word then tried to regain her composure. "Uhh, Hi, I'm Casey, Casey Reynolds."

"Hi. So where do you want to start?" Meg asked sitting down next to Casey.

Casey, who tried to ignore the thumping of her heart, bit her lip. "Well, we could ask each other questions." She paused to look up to Meg, and then swiftly looked down. "That was a bad idea…" She said in a voice bare hearable.

"No, that's a good idea! I'll go first. What's your favorite M&M color?" Meg grinned and scooted closer to Casey.

"Blue." Casey responded automatically. "What's your favorite cheese?"

"Cheese…Why cheese?" Meg crinkled up her face then shrugged. "Gouda, 'cause it sounds fun."

Casey couldn't help but grin. "Gouda, okay. Now, it's your turn!"

Meg put a thoughtful expression on her face. "Let's see…. What would you say to prehaps, the chance of getting coffee with me tonight?"

Casey's mouth dropped in shock. "Wha-?"

Meg grinned, "I was just wondering if you would like to go get some coffee with me tonight."

"I guess, but-"Casey stopped in mid-sentence.

"Then you'll go?" Meg gave Casey a look of excitement and curiosity.

Casey bit her lip, "I guess…."

"Great!" Meg leaped up and gave Casey a big hug.

Casey blushed to the roots of her auburn hair. "No problem…"

"Well do you want meet at the coffee shop or we can meet at your house or-" Meg gave off a list of suggestions.

"We can meet at the coffee shop." Casey said giving Meg a small smile.

"Sweet I'll see you at seven!" Meg beamed and gave Casey another hug. The bell rang with a loud deifying sound as kids rushed out the door to weekend freedom.

Damn, Casey thought. What am I doing?

Finally, at seven, Casey, against her better judgment, was sitting down at the local coffee shop, nervously looking around.

Suddenly Casey stopped Meg coming up, but then she suddenly stopped. Then a few moments later sat down across from Casey.

"What? Is their something wrong?"

Meg sat speechless for a moment then whispered, "You look… hot…."

Casey blushed to the roots or her mauve hair. "Th-Thanks."

Meg smiled and said, "So, do you want to continue the Question game from earlier?"


"Okay, do you think Billy Jameson is hot?" Meg gave a devilish smirk.

"A little bit," Casey grinned. "I like his smile."

"I know! God," Meg sighed. They then got into a huge discussion about cute boys and the reason they like them.

A while late Casey asked, "Okay, who's your favorite teacher and why?"

"Mrs. James, 'cause she partnered me with you."

Casey blushed.

"Why do you blush so much?" Meg asked with an adorable look of curiosity on her face.

"I don't know, maybe because you embarrass me." Casey replied.

Meg frowned and looked down, "I'm that weird, huh?"

"No, no! I mean, that you make feel special and I guess, it makes me embarrassed. No one has ever made me feel this special…" Casey explained.

"Well, in that case," Their faces were only a few inches apart, until Casey pulled away her face flushing.

"Well, then let me take you home." Meg insisted, holding out her hand.

Casey stood up and grasped Meg's hand and they proceeded out the door.

Once they got to Casey,'s house Meg stopped and grinned at Casey. "This is it, huh?"

"I guess." Casey replied, her mood declined at the prospect of leaving Meg.

"Well, to make this worthwhile," Meg smirked at Casey, then Meg pressed her lips against Casey's.

"'Bye 'Bye baby cakes," Meg broke free of their kiss, lightly kissed Casey on the cheek then walked off toward her own house.

Wow, just wow.