The giant was huge, lumbering and had spikes all over it. It had one eye, and it looked at Madruin with an intensity. It had a triangular shaped head that was inflated like a ball and huge biceps that bulged as it moved its arms. Its skin had a sickly green tint to it. Madruin the mage had heard of these creatures; they were called Osgarliaths.

It had a huge ball that it carried in its hand that was reflected light like a mirror and shone like metal. It was this that it threw at Madruin. The mage tried to dodge it, but it flew so fast that it tore through his robes and battered at his chest. He grunted, rolling over as the ball bounced back to the giant's hands.

"Me win," the giant said in a loud, stupid voice. It shot the great ball again, and it barely missed Madruin as he got up and jumped away. His heart was hammering. He had to think—

Too late! The ball came again, and Madruin in his brilliant haste erected an invisible defensive shield. The metallic sphere grinded against the shield, releasing a scraping noise as it tried to get to the other side. Finally it gave up and returned to the Osgarliath's hand.

"You make me angry," it boomed as it raised its hooves and made as if to stomp the life out of Madruin. Thankfully he had a plan made out. He uttered his teleportation spell, and ended up behind the Osgarliath. To it, it would seem as if he had blinked out of existence. He grinned. At least this gave him some time.

He finally decided on a wild and risky plan. When next it turned around, he jumped up, willing himself to land on the giant's arm. It stared at him as it tried to shake him off. He held on with all his might, and then climbed up to its head. There, using his staff as a spear, he stabbed down as hard as he could into its eye. It screamed as dark blue blood spurted out of the wound, closing its eyelid. It thrashed around so madly that Madruin fell off and landed with a few broken bones onto the ground. But it did not matter. He had succeeded.

The giant shook its head from side to side, but the damage was done. It went on all fours, then growled and started moving his hands all around the floor as if searching for the mage.

Madruin sidestepped, and jumped again, this time landing smoothly behind the Osgarliath's throat. He uttered a word, and his staff blazed into fire. He stabbed down again, and the giant screamed as its head was cut off from its body.

Madruin walked away, never looking away. The screams of the Osgarliath echoed pitifully throughout the merciless cave.

A/N: this is not really a story, rather a series of battle sequences. It has no plot, comes purely from imagination. I've been told i'm rather good at that.