Madruin almost fell over a chasm so deep. At first he thought he was dreaming, but there it was—a abyss inside a cave, for god's sake. He would have lost his footing had he not, with quick thinking, uttered the syllable that made him fall backwards. He heaved a great breath, and got up and studied the crux of the matter. There was empty space that went on and on, except for spindly structures of rock, that looked like stepping stones. They were pointed at the top, and Madruin frowned as he realized it would be impossible to step on them if he should voice the lightweight jumping spell. But, wait! Perhaps…yes, that was it. He'd had an idea.

Words of hidden meanings sprung from the darkened opening that was his mouth. Madruin sprinted up into the air, and he beat his legs upon the ground and was launched up forward into the air. He alighted his staff on the spindly places, and the tip connected to balance the wooden stick. He used the momentum to launch himself forward again, and did this many times until he touched good, solid ground for good. Here he stopped and congratulated himself.

But this was another problem. This was a dead end. Madruin scratched his head and lines appeared on his forehead as he thought frantically. There had to be something! What had he overlooked? Was he supposed to blow this apart? But surely not, for then whatever lay at the other end would be destroyed, and what if that was where the artifact lay? It would be destroyed! No, this would require careful thought.

Think! He thumped his foot on the ground in anger. There had to be some way past this. He wouldn't have come this far just to learn that there was no way to go further. His eyes scanned the wall, and saw only a tiny crack in the bottom corner, that probably a mouse would have been able to get through. Was that it? It could be. He snapped his fingers delightedly.

Closing his eyes and intoning the words, he shrank until he was small enough to fit through the hole. He walked through the open entrance now triumphantly, but was stopped by sudden and spreading darkness. Stepping back in alarm, Madruin raised his staff, ready for battle. But it was nothing, he saw. It was just inanimate objects. He stepped through.