the lips part to open the way
for the mists of prayer to rise through
up to the sky
the darkened sky
where heaven awaits
and listen's carefully
for an Earthling's cry

so sweet the child sings
praise and glory to the faith and need
of a race decrepit and old
this song is gentle
sung by sweet tunes
of caroling and flutes and
a joyful croons

peace resides in the humble home
where we do not walk for gold and jewels
but we walk to walk to walk
the path is narrow
and we stumble, we fall
but the song rises higher
and we live to answer the call

cleanse the dirt from your face
dirty persons of mortal and savage delight
wash thyself of thy sins and thy blight

learn of your rightful, deserved, wanted place

a prayer for each man, woman and child
a prayer for each soul the path carries
a prayer for even the creatures whom we've condemned
a prayer the the old and unborn

a star twinkles in the night sky
warmth floods through the rain and the ice
a prayer is only a prayer
you must have faith and believe
a prayer is only a prayer
until you open your eyes and see
heaven is listening