I don't know your name,
Or what your voice sounds like.
I don't know your birthday,
Or what kind of music you like.
But someday I will.

Someday, your name will be the one
That'll make my heart jump
When I see it on the caller ID.
Someday, your voice will be the one
That'll make me laugh,
Even on the darkest days.

Someday, I'll call you at midnight
Just to be the first
To say "Happy birthday."
Someday, I'll always make sure
To have your favorite CD in the car,
Just to hear you sing along.

Someday we'll meet,
When God wants us to.
He knows what's going to happen
But I don't, and that's fine.
I like surprises.

I'll be patient,
I'll wait for you.
Because someday I'll hit me:
You are the "someday"
That God has promised me.