a/n: You're on my heart, just like a tattoo.
You know what it feels like to get a tattoo? It fucking hurts. It rips, tears, sears, it just hurts. Imagine having multiple needles stuck into your skin. Yeah, I'd say it hurts.
I'll always love you.

I used to have
thousands of words for you.

I used to have
all these things in my head to say to you.

I used to have
an answer for every question; a smile to replace every tear.

And then…
I lost my words,
I couldn't think of a single thing to say
and the answers meant nothing
while your smiles faded away.

a/n: I love you stix.
But I hate you too.

Fine then.
Fuck you too.

I meant every word that I said, but somehow I just hope
to all that is holy)
that you didn't.