Hi! This is to one of my friends...She will probally read this but I don't care anymore and Please tell me if you don't like this so R&R!

Keep smiling LoSt ReMeDy

Why did I have to lose you?

To that guy

Why did I let you?

Stay with that jerk

Why did you let him change you?

Into someone I don't know

Why did you leave me?

I thought we were best friends

Why did you choose him over me?

I though I meant more

Why did you let me?

Cry over you and him

Why don't you see?

That I miss you

Why act like don't you care?

To all your friends

Why don't you still realize?

That you are losing all your friends

Why didn't you get through your head?

That he's pushing you away

From you friends

From us

Why don't you realize!