Yoko: This is just proof that I watch way too much Law and Order: SVU. Enjoy this one, and it's sister (or brother, depending on how you look at it) "Hello Boy".

Hello Mister

Hello Mister, why are you just standing there?

Why are you just staring, eyes never leaving my face?

Why do you hide whenever I look, whenever someone comes by?

Why do I always see you there in that same place?

Hello Mister, you've finally moved,

So you're not a statue after all.

Mister why do you seem so tense?

Did you know you're really tall?

Mister why are you holding me,

I want to go and play.

Mister why aren't your hands leaving,

When they're only getting in my way?

Mister why are you doing this,

Making me feel so wrong?

You say it's right, but that's a lie,

One you've been telling for so long.

Mister why is it so dark,

And where has the pain all went?

Mister where are you now,

Now that I'm feeling spent?