Pronunciations :

Leselle - Lay· sal

Ski - Sky

P.S. I'll update anymore names if they come up but I think the rest are easy

Story's History This is a story written for a friend about a high school crush that she has/had. I'm not sure what the status is on that. Though I am not a Lesbian, I do not discriminate and therefore I willingly began writing the story. While this is about two peoples quest for love (or something like that) I assure you that there are no graphic/explicit (sex) scenes to speak of (personally I think it takes away from the story). So even if your not accustomed to the lesbian thing, neither am I, but I appreciate the time taken to read this so without further ado I present Asia and Leselle...

Prologue (Asia's POV)

I sat there, in the front row looking out across the various faces. From my position on the podium I could see just about everyone in the audience and it made me nervous. This day was supposed to be a special day, probably the most important day of all; the day of my high school graduation. It is said that a high school graduation is a once in a lifetime experience; the official crossover into adulthood. Sure you might have own a car or even had to pay a few bills while attending high school, but it was nothing compared to what followed graduation. The official farewell to childhood should be the subtitle on any and every high school graduation.

I couldn't tell if it was the anxiety of finally becoming an adult or the fact that there was no turning back, but whatever it was made me extremely nervous. Now, normally public speaking was of no concern to me, which was somewhat to do with my side hobby of rapping, among other things, but it seemed like I was trapped in a sea of nervousness and just couldn't find my way to the shore of comfort.

How am I supposed to sum up years filled with laughter, pain, tears, fights, friendships, love and so much more with words?

After all high school is suppose to be the greatest time of your life right? Don't most retellings of great experiences be they tragic or joyful end with a 'you just had to be there'?

I turned my attention from eager looking family and friends to the even more excited graduates. I skimmed the faces of my peers until my eyes fell on Leselle, my high school love. She wore an especially chipper smile as she waved in my direction, however I knew the smile nor the wave were for me. I tore my eyes away from her and let them rest on the crowd once more. As if a magnet had drawn them there, my eyes immediately came to rest on the bane of my existence, Antonio, Leslle's boyfriend.

There was nothing about Antonio that deserved Leslle's affection. He wasn't even worthy of being the scum of the earth, he was so much worse than that. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him as he sat in the audience playing the loving, supportive boyfriend when the whole school knew what he was. He was nothing more than a dog. Just last year he slapped her up in the hallway, in front of everyone and had cheated on her countless times. Yet she stayed, like the good loyal girl that she was.

The whole situation sickened me, it seems the good girls like Leselle always go for dogs like Antonio. Damn shame, I thought as I turned my attention back to the principal who was now in the middle of introducing me.

"Without further ado I would like to present to you a young lady who I feel is best suited in representing this year's class of graduates. This young woman has participated in everything from the ROTC program to the Drama club. She is well deserving of all the praise and honors that her teachers and peers alike have bestowed upon her. Her strive for academic excellence has earned her the position of this year's valedictorian. Ladies and gentlemen I would ask you to put your hands together for Ms. Asia Covington."

The rapper in me couldn't help but feel a little smug as I made my way to the podium surrounded by the sounds of hand clapping; and the hooting which came from my ghetto ass family and friends. I looked out at the audience again, this time with a much better view of everyone.

My eyes fell on my mother who was sitting next to my father with a huge smile on her face and tears in her eyes. I couldn't help but wonder how many tears she had left to shed. The past week had been filled with all different kinds of award ceremonies and my mother had cried at all of them. I gave her a half-hearted smile before turning my attention to the backup note cards I had made to help me along through the speech. I looked out at the audience once again preparing to deliver my speech amidst the camera flashes from my Dad's camera; he too had been taking pictures. I feared that if pictures really did steal part of your soul, then I would definitely have to shop around for a new one. I adjusted the microphone and began my speech, after taking the time to smile for one of his shots. Five and a half minutes later, I finished my speech and expressed my gratitude before sitting down. I'm a firm believer in "short and simple", what took most people a full page to write I could express in a paragraph.

The principal resumed her position at the podium as she dabbed at a few renegade tears with a piece of tissue.

"Thank you Asia for that lovely speech" she said once she had gained her composure.

I was always told that I had a way with words, but I was still a little surprised to see how many people were dabbing tears away from there faces. I looked over at Leselle and watched as she wiped a few tears away with the sleeve of her gown. That brought a smile to my face as I heard the principal call my name once more, this time it was to hand me my diploma. The presentation of the diploma section of the ceremony went on for 40 minutes as all 150 of the High School of Commerce senior students received their diploma.

The graduation ceremony had ended almost a full hour ago and I was still standing around taking pictures. "I'm ready to go", I mumbled to my mom as she cleared space on her digital camera.

"All right, all right just a couple more pictures. You look so cute like this who knows when I'll see you all dressed up again" My mom said as she position me in between two of my younger cousins. I rolled my eyes and plastered a fake smile on my face as she took the picture. "Alright Asia honey, just one more with your aunt and uncle and then we're out of here".

"Thank god" I mumbled to myself as my aunt and uncle posed beside me and another fake smile.

"Alright we're all done. People soak this in while you can. Because after this it's back to dickies and bandanas" My mom broadcasted to the family as we made our way toward the exit. I shook my head and tried to ignore the comments that everyone seemed to have about my choice in clothing.

"Asia…Asia" I turned to see Leselle running, as best she could, in her three inch heels toward me.

"Oh hey what's up?" I asked as she came to a stop a few feet away from me

"I just wanted to tell you that your speech was so beautiful, it had me in tears" I felt the queasiness in my stomach as she smiled at me.

"Yes that speech was damn good, nice job young lady," her father said as he came up behind her, "I hope you're thinking about a major in English"

"I thought about it but I finally decided to go with business," I stated still looking at Leselle. She was so beautiful, even in a gown that seemed to engulf her tiny frame.

"Oh, another fine major but the important thing is that you're going to college"


"Oooh lets get picture" her mother said as she pushed me and Leselle closer together.

"Ma she don't want to take any pictures," Leselle complained on my behalf but I didn't mind being that close to her even if it meant taking another picture.

"Oh of course she does. You don't mind do you honey?" her mother asked but didn't wait for an answer as she dug through her purse for her camera.

Leselle shook her head, "Do you mind?" she asked with a slightly feeble smile

"Nah it's fine" I responded waving her off.

"Alright girls look happy," her mother said as she held up her camera. Leselle leaned in closer to me and put her arm around my shoulder as we both smiled at the camera, nothing fake about the one I was sporting at that moment. "Alright, thank you girls"

"Hold on, I need one too" my dad said giving me even more time to be close to Leselle.

"Alright, well maybe I'll see you around at one of the parties or something" she said once the pictures were taken and she was back with her arm around Antonio.

"Yeah maybe", I said with a bitter feeling as I watched Antonio rub her back


"1" I said as I finally made my exit from the venue ready to tackle college and all the mysteries that it held.