Pronunciations :

Leselle - Lay· sal

Ski - Sky

A/N: Sorry for the delay. I've been busy with BCT and AIT for the US Army and I kind of forgot about this story. I just wrote this chapter today after the person I was writing it for reminded me of its existence. I hope you like it, and I will try to have the next chapter up in a timely manner.

Chapter 7: Asia's POV

I arrived at Club Marque a few hours before the actual show because I had to participate in quite a few rehearsals. I had collaboration with about half of the performers on the schedule, and somehow the songs that I was in made the cut with each one of them. I walked into the main dance floor area just in time to see, B-Rock, one of the label's most successful artists finish up his last song. I stood in the back leaning on the bar bobbing my head along with the melody. It wasn't hard to understand why he was so popular his music was phenomenal. I admired him on a music level, but I didn't speak to him outside of that realm because he did way too many drugs and he wasn't very respectful to women. As his music faded signaling the end of his last song he handed the microphone to DJ Swift and hopped off the stage. Once I noticed he was coming over to speak to me I straightened from my relaxed position. "What's good Asia?"

"Chillin' what's good with you?", I asked as we slapped hands.

"Nothing man, another day another dollar"

I simply nodded my head. I had no response to his statement.

"Hey but check it. We got a tour coming up. Nothing major, just a few cities up and down the East Coast. Now the only for sure, for sure artist going are me and Blaqk, but we're both pushing for you to be included. You down if we can make that happen?"

"Hell yeah", I said unable to control the kool-aid smile spreading across my face. I knew nothing was final but just the fact that both him and Blaqk were pushing for me specifically was enough to make me soar. Those two were hands down the greatest artist on the label. That's why they were the only ones making money from our shows. The CEO had to pay to keep them around. And now they wanted me to join them on that level of importance. The saying 'it's just enough to be nominated' came to mind. Of course I had never believed that was true, but I guess seeing truly is believing.

B-Rock had long since walked away after hearing my answer and I was left alone at the bar with thought, which I was swimming in when DJ Mush, the reserve DJ called me to the stage. DJ Swift only worked with Blaqk and B-Rock, I hoped secretly that I would be added to that list as I made my way to the stage. There were no stairs leading up so I had to hop on the stage to get up to where he was setting up.

"What's up Mush?" I said greeting him, as he dug through some boxes.

"I need to know what songs you're doing. Dell never gave me the lists you guys chose so when I leave here I have to go fix the tracks so they're performance ready."

"Damn," I truly did feel bad for him. He had at least 15 tracks that he had to go edit. "Man I'll do the same tracks from the last show. We never performed here so it's not like I'm gypping them"

"Thanks. I really do appreciate it." he said as he grabbed my three tracks from his crate of music. "Ready when you are.",

Mush handed me a mic and started my opening track. I took a deep breath, before stepping toward the center of the stage. There was no audience here, but as my ROTC commander was always saying , "Train as you fight and you'll never panic". My goal was to put on the performance of my life. I knew Leselle would be there and I had that possible tour with Blaqk and B-Rock coming out. Tonight could be a pivotal point for me. I heard the change in the intro and knew that the signal for the first verse of my track was coming up. I bobbed my head and when the signal came I began my performance. My rehearsal ended about an hour later, and I had to stick around for the rehearsals for my collaborations before I could head back to my dorm to change.

I was running super late as I ransacked my closet looking for the outfit I had purchased last week. I even left it in the bag so that I wouldn't have to go searching for it, and now here I was doing exactly that.

"Lose something?", Ski asked sarcastically stepping over the piles of clothes on the floor.

"My outfit, remember I said I was going to leave it in the bag so I didn't lose it?" I told her frantically as I continued to toss clothes across the room.

"You mean this outfit?"

I leaned around my closet door to find Ski standing in front of her perfectly organized closet holding my bag of clothes. "where'd you get that?"

"You gave it to me last week. You knew I wouldn't lost it."

I laughed remembering that I had in fact asked her to hold onto the bag. She tossed the bag on my bed as I began cleaning up my mess of clothes.

"So are you coming tonight?" I asked stuffing the clothes into my cramped closet. Last week when I asked about attending the concert she hadn't exactly given me a straight answer.

"What time does it start?"


Ski looked from her watch to me and back again in a repetitive motion causing me to laugh.

"I know I'm late, but I don't go on until like 9:30" I explained before pulling my t-shirt over my head.

Ski spun around in her desk chair showing me her back. Normally I would've headed to the bathroom to change but I was way too late for formalities tonight.

"Well I don't know. I mean it hasn't been proven or anything, but I'm pretty sure hip hop kills brain cells."

I laughed, "Ski, even if that ridiculous statement was true, you could bare to lose a few cells"

I pulled my black Ablanche jeans with the red cross on the back pockets up on my waist and adjusted the red belt.

"All right. I guess I'll be there. But I'm not staying."

"That's fine. And I'm done so you can turn around"

I shrugged on my Boston Red Sox Mitchell & Ness jacket and adjusted the Red Boston cap on my head before stepping into my Red and White air force sneakers.

"I'll see you there." I said making sure I had my keys before walking out of the door.

The cab driver pulled up in front of the club and even from outside I could hear the music from one of our artist. I paid the cab driver the fare and stepped on to the side. I tried my hardest not to crease my sneakers as I made my way toward the entrance.


I had become all too familiar with that voice as I turned to see Sahrye coming toward me. She was dressed in the tightest pair of jeans I had ever seen. They hugged each one of her curves like a second skin. It was a wonder she could move so freely in them. Her top was a nice little Coogi military button up that had become very popular these days. However, I had never seen anyone wear the shirt quite as well as Sahrye. She left a few of the top buttons unbuttoned showing more an eye full of cleavage.


"What's up?" I asked adjusting my hat in effort to take my mind off of her body.

"I just watched a few of the guys from your label cut it up. They're going on a break right now though"

"Yeah I go on after the break"

"Oh for real? You better kill it like that other chick did"

My mouth dropped in disappointment, "I missed Blaqk?"

"Yeah. She was amazing. The whole club was rocking with her. You got to get me one of her mixtapes. She was really on some Diva stuff though. When she was done she walked straight off the stage and out the door." Sahrye said with a laugh causing me to laugh too. I could tell she was really enjoying herself, she never rambled like this before.

"They should be selling some tonight. I know there's a free Promo disc for sure though, but don't let that exit thing mess up your perception of Blaqk. She's really cool, the party thing just aint her scene. She'll perform but she wont stick around."

"How about you? You stick around to party?"

Something in her voice told me she was talking about more than a club, and partying.

One dance with a girl and all of a sudden you think she wants you? Get a grip. That's probably why people are so cautious of gay people, because of homosexuals like you. Accepting you for who you are, and wanting you are too different things.

After my self imposed mental lashing I composed myself and responded to her, "yeah I like to meet the people"

"That's what's up. We're going over here to get something to snack on but we'll be back for your set"

"All right. I'll see you later"

I had an half an hour to mingle before I went on stage. As I entered the club my mind was focused on one person. I wanted to make sure Leselle was in attendance. I had a special song for her, which was part of the reason I decided to perform three old songs. I didn't have to do much looking for Tyena, because she spotted me as soon as I stepped through the door.

"Hey baby"

She slipped her arm around me as she spoke close to my ear.

"What's up Tyena?" I asked stepping out of her grasp, "Where's Leselle?"

"I don't know. She didn't answer her phone. Why you asking about her?" She asked with an attitude.

"'Cause I invited her. I'm going to go check in with my DJ. I'll see you later"

With my dejected spirits I headed over to Mush to check in. As I helped him set up for the next couple of sets my thoughts wandered to Leselle. I couldn't understand whay she had agreed to come to the show if she really didn't want to. It's much easier to make up and excuse as to why you can't go in the first place then to just not show up.

Well maybe something happened.

Yeah like she had something better to do.

"Hey Asia, you want a drink or something to help with the nerves?" Mush asked once we had finished setting up the equipment.

"Yeah. Some E&J is fine"

I wasn't old enough to purchase alcohol yet, but I noticed that most clubs gave the performers drinks before they went on. With alcohol you have less inhibitions and will more than likely give a good show, as long as you don't go overboard with it. I was never one to need the alcohol before the show. My nerves were always excited, never nervous. I just drank it because I liked how it made me feel when I had just the right amount. However tonight I was accepting the drink for a different reason. I knew my mood was busted due to Leselle's absence and the rest of the audience didn't deserve a halfway performance. Surely the E&J would help me to forget about Leselle for the time being. When Mush came back with the drinks I quickly drank mine down and began my pre-performance rituals. I plugged my head phones into my ear and listened to the tracks in order remembering all my placement markers and other little things that could mess up the performance if done wrong. Just as the last song ended I heard my name being called. I looked across the room and standing at the barrier that separated the crowd from the performers area was Leselle. She wasn't dressed nearly as nice as Sahrye but her face was just as pretty. I hoped down off of the speaker I was sitting on and half jogged to the barrier.

"What's up? I thought you weren't coming. Tyena said you didn't answer your phone" I told her barely able to control my smile.

Leselle held up her phone, "I have no calls from her. She didn't come by my room or anything. I had to beg this guy to bring down here.", she motioned to the man standing next to her, it was the same guy from that night in the club

"Tyena lied huh?"

"I get the feeling she doesn't like me much, but I hope I didn't miss your performance."

As soon as she said that the lights on the stage came on and Dell walked onto the stage with the mic.

"Nope. I'm about to go on now"

I hustled over to Mush who was still in the middle of his prayer. I waited silently as Dell continued to make an introduction for the second half of the show.

"Aye change in order. Play 'You wanted a Song' last", I told him as soon as he lifted his head

"Got cha" he said before stepping up onto the stage to warm the crowd up.

El handed me a mic and waited for the music to my first song to play before I stepped out onto the stage to carry out my performance. The first two songs were executed to perfection. From my place on stage I could see Sahrye and a few of friends in the back rapping along to all the lyrics, Tyena stood in the front of the crowd dancing and carrying on. Even Ski had managed to show up, but she of course stood off to the side hands folded across her chest listening intently. Until the music to the last song came through the speakers I hadn't made eye contact with anyone. But as the music played my eyes landed on Leselle. She smiled and waved, she really seemed to be enjoying herself. I had caught her dancing along to the music a few time throughout the performance. But this song was especially for her. I had written it years ago when I first heard about the physical abuse Antonio put her through. The marker for the first verse came through and I took a deep breath before starting my verse.

Tell me, let me know how they treat you

I will kill anyone if they decide to beat you

These feelings so strong, probably last forever

And I would love for us to hold hands together

During bad weather, maybe snuggle you tight

Let you know that everything will be alright

Let you know that this will never rust

Then we lock eyes, I feel the lust

I feel how you feel, feel what you feel

That's how we know this is so real

Ain't got nothin' to worry about, I'm right here

I'll take off my glasses and still it's clear

You are my one and only, that's you

And I hope you say yes to the question I ask you

Did you enjoy your own personal rhyme

Yeah, I was wonderin' if you could be mine

© 2008 Magik Flowz, "You wanted a Song"