The multicolored strobe lights flashed brightly in the darkness of the nightclub and William Lorrenson sighed as his friends chattered relentlessly.

"Man, what's up? You seem kind of quiet." Chase commented, noticing his best friend's somber behavior. Chase had always been rather observant.

Will smiled weakly. "Just a little worn out."

"Worn out from what?" inquired two other members of the group, Kate and Jason.

"Work." He replied simply.

"Work." Kate huffed. "You work too much. It surprises me that you were even able to hang out with your best friends tonight."

"Well, I have to work enough for the both of us, don't I Kate?"

"That was a low blow." Kate mumbled as she flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder and took another drink. "I tried getting a job before. Working just doesn't happen to be one of my better talents."

A deep chuckle arose from another member of the gang, Jason. "Oh believe me, sweetheart, we know."

"Jackass." Kate mumbled.

"What was that, Katie dearest?"

"Nothing." She answered with a voice filled to the brim with false sweetness.

Chase let out a laughed. "You two are too much to bear."

"Maybe you're not drunk enough yet. I'm sure as hell not." William got to his feet. "I'm gonna go get a drink."

"You do dat, Willie boy." Kate hiccupped. Great. Kate was definitely drunk. A drunk Kate was never a good one unless if you're looking to get laid by a bipolar woman.

Will rolled his eyes. "Keep an eye on her."

"Will do." Jason saluted. Chase nodded.

"Hey, Willie!" Will could hear Kate shout over the loud, thumping music. "Gemme a anuder beers will ya? Like sefen or fisties..."

He ignored her as he maneuvered through the writhing ocean of bodies all moving to the same beat. A little ways away from the bar, Will stopped and his breath hitched. He had spotted a woman and she was the most beautiful creature he had ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on, even if it was just her backside.

Her wavy hair was long and dark brown, like mahogany wood and her skin was smooth and tan. Her lean form was clad in a classy black silk dress that offered a generous display of skin. He strutted confidently over to her and took a seat.

"Hi, there." He smiled charmingly. He knew the kind of effect he had on women, but if this one particular woman was swooning, she did an excellent job of concealing it.

She glanced at him with bright brown eyes and answered back with an unwavering voice. "Hi."

"My name's William. William Lorrenson and you?" he flashed her another one of his signature smiles.

"Isabella Digourne."

"It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Digourne." He took her hand and brushed a feather soft kiss against it.

She smiled. "You must think that you're very suave, Mr. Lorrenson."

"Not at all. Just trying to be polite." He replied in a deceivingly earnest manner.

"There's a broad line between being polite and trying to pick up a woman." This would've discouraged him to pursue her any further, if it weren't for the small smile playing on her lips.

"But I haven't even pulled out a pick up line yet." His handsome face bore a smug grin that showed off his perfectly pearly white teeth.

"And which pick up line did you plan on using?" She sipped a little of her beer.

"How about the 'tell me, did it hurt when you fell from heaven' one?"

A small giggle escaped her mouth and she rolled her eyes playfully. "I'm a sucker for that one."

"Yeah? Then how about you and I go grab dinner?"

"Tonight?" she asked, surprised.

"If it's a good time for you." His answer was courteous and she was rather hungry but she couldn't accept his offer just yet. It would hinder her tactics.

She made a small show of looking at the watch wrapped around her slender wrist. "Actually, I have to get going," she replied as she gathered up her purse and wrap and stood up.

"Wait." William grabbed her upper arm and a small zing shot through it. That was strange. William brushed it off and continued, "Can I at least have your number?"

Isabella seemed to hesitate slightly but nodded as she pulled a pen from her purse and grabbed a napkin off the bar. She quickly scribbled down the seven digits to her cell phone number. "I would give you a card but I don't have any on me right now." She smiled apologetically, pecked him on the cheek, and hurried out of the nightclub, somehow still managing to look unruffled and pleasing to the eye.

William ordered a drink from the bartender after he tucked the napkin into his back pocket.

"She's something, ain't she?" The bartender asked as he filled a glass with William's order.

"Seems like it. You know her personally?"

"We used to date for awhile." He answered while polishing a glass.

"What happened?"

"Nothing big. She just wanted some space and I ended up calling it off."

"I see. I'm Will Lorrenson by the way." Will offered his hand to the bartender.

"Nice to meet you Will. It's Adam Norris." They shook hands with firm grips almost as if challenging each other. "You're not a regular here?"

"No. I think this is my third time here. I'm not much for the club scene. My friends are though." Will pointed to the table that occupied his friends.

"Ah." Adam nodded.

"See you around, Adam."

Adam nodded again and smiled politely as Will headed back towards his table.

"We saw you with that hott blonde chick." Jason stated immediately as Will took a seat.

William's eyebrows furrowed. "She's brunette."

"She's sexy."

Katherine huffed slightly, "Is that all you ever think about?"


"I'm gonna head out, guys. I have to work tomorrow and everything and we're closing off this big deal. I'm going to need all the sleep I can get." Will excused himself.

He parted ways with his companions and headed towards the exit of the club and straight towards his sparkling black Mercedes. The engine purred smoothly as he turned the key in the ignition and headed home.

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