Colours of the heart,
Paint pictures of the dreams
That I conceive,
In the early morning hours,
Sitting on the shores of provoking thoughts.

Scattered my life lies,
In pieces floating in darkness.
The ship that leaves, as the moon rises
Carries my future in boxes
As small as my hopes.

But I lie there,
Staring into that black despair,
Like an ocean tide waiting to engulf me.
A giant whale like Black Death lies waiting
Just below the surface.

But I stare too deeply,
Swallowed by the Black Death,
The thoughts of fear that eludes me
In the light hours
Takes me in the darkness.

The colours gradually bleed,
From the pictures of my dreams,
All conceived in the early morning hours,
Dissipated, by the reality that confronts me.

As I rise from the shore of provoking thoughts,
The colours that were born
From dreams lying at the edges of my heart
Stay bright in my soul,

Hoping to one day
Become a picture
Of reality,
As beautiful as my dreams.