Tears streak down his face
Drowning the window to the soul
Collapsing to his knee's
In this silent surrender

Grabbing the dirt in his hands
Letting it slip through his fingers
He imagines this is how he is
To the wide world

The dirt on peoples shoes
Stamped on by many
Ignored by most
Always stuck on the ground

Do I not feel like you? He screams.
Am I not alive? I have a soul.
The blurs walk on by.
As the tears streak down his face.

He wants to drown in his tears
but not even fate is good enough to do that
He sits in his world

As he sits on the ground
He thinks how easy it would be
To end the tears
End the pain.

But thats not what tears are for
Tears create new beginnings
He sticks out his hand
For fate to pick him up again

As the tears streak down his face.