Over the rainbow and out through the window,
I saw you bathed in white light.
I sat on the edge with you on the cliff of indifference.
It somehow felt perfectly right.
You were the rib in which I could be born from:
sacrifice brings us to life.
Imagination's my solitary accident
waiting for me in my dreams of the night.

You are that ironic hero that's not what it seems
haunting my lonely dreams.
What drifts away from me are only my memories.
The promise of morning's first light is blinding my vision
of everyone for I could be wishing
on stars more significant.
Don't turn your back to me, I am only innocent.

How could it be that in my times of heartbreak,
my lips remained glued to yours?
Fingers entwined created my Heaven
as Hell opened its doors.
Still I remain broken under the gutters
where I have yet to be found.
I pray you'll find me and restore my heart
before my blood births underground.

Where have you gone, where are you going? Curiosity:
your silhouette's too far away to see
wandering aimlessly.
Tell me, are you happy?
We search in separate paths, I pray we'll unite
in the cold and wintry light
that borders the now from the past.
Will we let our hearts last in the night?

Freezer burn at summertime, I see it in my eyes,
a cold in air so warm, it feels so right.