On this day, at this time,

the piercing silence fills our ears,

we stand.

For the soldiers who fought for our country,

the same ones who died for our future,

we honor.

Reading their letters of tragedy,

the horrific stories they tell,

we listen.

Stories of how they strived for survival,

in the muddy trenches, and in fear of their own deaths,

we respect.

From the difficult struggles they went through to stay alive,

to the menacing grip they used to cling onto their lives,

we shiver.

The war was long over and some returned home safely,

but the scars run deep into generations yet to come,

we grieve.

A meaningless war that cost us millions,

millions, not in dollars, but in lives,

we reflect.

The lives of those who fought for everything we have,

for all the things we cherish every day,

we thank.

Here we stand united as a class, a school,

a nation in silence as,

we remember.

Written by: Elizabeth Truong