The tiny seed

buried deep within the soil

becomes the sapling,

brimming with green life.

As it grows older,

fierce winds try to

knock it down;

its kin, they fall,

but the sapling stands its ground.

Time passes,

and the rains try to

make it drown;

its kin, they fall;

but the sapling stands its ground.

It grows taller, bolder,

but lightning strikes,

igniting hungry flames.

The fiercest foe this sapling has encountered,

it watches as the fire

gorges on its kin.

The flames, they leap

they hiss

they taunt;

and the sapling stands,

refusing to fall.

The other saplings,

those that have not felt the pain,

will grow into delicate, untouched trees.

But the sapling who endured

fierce winds

torrents of rain

hungry flames;

it is scarred deeply,

but stands

the tallest.

but stands

the longest.

but stands

the strongest.

The other trees,

they will fall;

but this tree, no—

it has triumphed, above all.