Meet Adam. Adam has issues.

I'm throwing around ideas for continuing this. He's pretty young here, but he's still got issues when he gets older. Some of you might even recognize him from Anastasia's story -- I'm trying to finish two more chapters so I can actually update in a reasonable manner.

Let me know what you think, if you see any mistakes, if you never want to see Adam again, so on and so forth.


This was typical. Fucking typical.

Not to mention fucked up beyond belief. What kind of teenage boy dreaded summer? Fuck that. He didn't dread shit. He was just less then enthused about it.

Which was probably why he was still in his room, blatantly looking at porn on the computer when the representative of his parents came in, followed by the chauffeur. The woman entered with a ass kissing smile, but it turned into a sneer of disgust as soon as she saw his screen.

"That's disgusting."

He crossed his arms, smirked and leaned back in his chair. "Isn't it though?" the woman's brow furrowed, but he didn't pause, "They make it look like you can find girls that flexible off the street -- false advertising."

The woman took a step back and looked disturbed. He continued.

"Oh well, it's still good for porn." And without saying anything else he made a very obvious reach to pull something out of his pants.

The woman gasped and took another step back, "Stop that!"

His eyebrow quirked and he smirked at her, "What did you think people did when they looked at porn?"

She shuddered, "I don't think about disgusting things like that." slight pause during which she seemed to pull herself back together, "Now Mr. Stevenson, your parents have entrusted me with getting you home safely, so lets go."

He laughed at her, "Just let me finish this first." and when his reach didn't stop this time she stumbled out the door then fled, followed by a bored chauffeur. The representatives always changed, the chauffeur didn't.

As soon as they'd gone (and the chauffeur shut the door) he tucked himself back into his pants, rested his chair on its back legs and waited. It only took a few minutes before his aunt came in.

"Adam...Do you have to do this every time?"

He shrugged, "I don't see why I have to do this."

She ran a hand through her hair and settled on his bed, "They're your parents, they do have a say in what happens to you you know."

He scowled, "They're not my parents. Parents don't send ten year olds out to live in the middle of fucking nowhere with a relative they've never met before." he paused and his scowl softened, "No offense."

Shrugging she reached out and ruffled his hair, he rolled his eyes in response, "None taken. I chose this place because it was about as far from the family as I could get." She settled back, "But you're still underage and you need to go home."

Scowling, he nodded. If he didn't respect her he wouldn't have listened to her -- but then, if he didn't respect her he wouldn't have wanted to stay anyways. Shutting his computer he slipped it into its cover before throwing it in his backpack and swinging the door open. The representative was there, obviously back for the second battle. When she noticed him she hesitated, then asked with a smile, "Where are the other bags?"

His eyebrow shot up. "Other bags?"

She frowned, confused, and he imitated her expression mockingly. "Yes, you won't be coming back here for three months."

Smirking, he shrugged, "I can just buy what I need when I get home." And giving her a dismissive once over he continued down the stairs, only pausing to nod at the chauffeur before continuing to the car and settling in the front seat. Fiddling with the radio he started blaring loud rock music that continued for the duration of the ride.

The representative was understandably getting worn around the edges, and it was no wonder that they never managed the duty more then twice -- at the most. Especially as the drive to the airport was three hours, then a two hour flight, then another hour in the car with him. And he was on his worst behavior.

When the pulled up in front of the mansion that he'd called home for ten years of his life his face settled into a nasty smirk, his spine straightened and he pushed his way through -- before heading to the room he knew would be completely re-outfitted from the year before. His parents were never there when he got in -- much to the chagrin of the therapist they had him see over the summer -- so he just plugged his computer in, sent down for a meal in his room and settled in for three months of hell.