I love Devon to death. I'll probably be adding more about Devon as I go, bits and pieces -- and Trent too, because he's the bee's knees.

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This was just, well, hilarious. Okay, so it wasn't. It was actually kind of terrible. And he was saying the absolute worst things he possibly could, but damn was he making me laugh. So there I was, sitting on the grass that was still wet from the rain earlier that day, with tears running down my face because I was laughing so hard, having just been dumped, and with Trent standing above me with a hand on his hip fluffing his hair like a teeny-bopper.

"Come on Dev-Dev, there are other fish in the sea! Besides, he can be your little flying fish and someone's let someone go but if he comes back then it really means you want trout or, erm, that you're meant to be? I dunno." His posture straightened and he held out both arms, "You can still be friends! Besides, it's not you, it's him." His grin got a little pointed as he pounded a fist into his hand, "Definitely him." But then he was happy-go-lucky again. "All good things must come to an end. And, erm, this sadness too shall pass. Like Ana's cooking. Ew." The over exaggerated grimace he made sent me into another set of hysterics. And with a nod he finally threw himself down across from me, "Besides, you were too good for him anyways."

And damned if the one serious thing he said didn't just send me over the edge, and suddenly the tears of mirth on my face were replaced with the slightly less pleasant kind as I threw myself at him and sobbed into his shoulder.

"If -- If I was too good for him why am -- why am I the one who got dumped?" I could barely form the words through my tears and the fact that my face was pressed flat up against the scratchy material of his always worn jacket. And I'm not sure if he even heard me since he didn't answer, (though I'm not sure what he could've said to that even if he had heard me), he just pulled me all the way into his lap and shifted me so that his jacket was around both of us and I was curled up against his chest.

I knew that if Adam saw us he'd make a huge deal about it -- Grant would know to keep his fucking mouth shut. And Trent, well he was just my big teddy bear right then and he was making me feel...well not better but I needed to get this out of my system anyways so it was good. It was all fucked up anyways. Derek should've been around and then I would've just hassled him and felt better but he and the stupid cross country team were out winning medals or some shit so all I got was Trent. Well better him then either of the others. Grant would've just patted my back awkwardly and Adam would've told me something that would've pissed me off until I forgot I was angry. (Thinking about Adam dealing with crying girls always made me giggle like crazy -- I remembered this one time when the day after he'd slept with some girl she told him she loved him and he laughed at her, then she started crying and he told her she wasn't an attractive crier and she should get the fuck out of his bed. She'd been so upset by that point she couldn't move for sobbing and he had to carry her into the hall way and dump her -- it had been fucking priceless.)

And just like that I was laughing again. Though I was still shaking and gasping so it took a while for Trent to realize I wasn't sobbing anymore, and when he did he just pulled back ran his thumbs under my eyes and laughed, "You look like a raccoon."

I wiped at my eyes as well and undoubtedly just made it worse, "A punk rock raccoon you mean." And I'm sure that was about right. I get all red when I cry -- but not splochy -- just red everywhere, and my eyes were probably blood shot and now I had just huge amounts of black and green around both of them and my hair was sticking to my face in pink and green chunks and just fucking everywhere -- I looked like I'd partied all night and had a shit ton to drink. Which I could deal with.

"Thanks." I gave him a quick kiss before smudging the make up that was on my fingers over his cheeks in dark lines. "I'm pretty sure you missed a cliche or two in there though." I was smiling again and I pulled out of his slightly loosed grip before bouncing on my heels. "I want a popsicle. The kind that has all those different colors wrapped around it and is like a foot long."

And off I went, too determined to forget about the stupid boy who I'd probably be back together with within two weeks and oblivious to the look that Trent watched me with as I bounded away.