Even the 12 o'clock sun is cold today, its rays
reaching me in feeble whispers, unkind, and
stinging. My crumpled memories run away
from me in a whirr of emptiness.

I rocked my hopes to sleep, just so
when I fail everything(you) in my life, they
might not be perturbed, and broken.

The skies tonight will look
frayed, almost letting go of
their stars.
The same stars that settled my quiet insecurities
my highs and lows,
and my nothingness.

The flowers in my hand are lifeless
like you, as I place them
on your sleeping ground (that will hold you forever now)
My mind is numb, and my thoughts
sigh with no ending.
I sink my heart in the same earth you rest.
You can keep it. I don't want
To feel anymore, anyway.

a/n- I was just in a very miserable mood the whole day. This is the result of it, I guess.
And this is all fiction. I would love comments.