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In the beginning he was the one who perused me. Now it's my turn to peruse him.

Before Everything is Said and Done

Chapter 1

A Love between us will only cause you pain Part 1

When school started that first year I still answered to Eristotals or Ares for short. After I met Him though, I started to answer to "Red" as well. I could only hope that he would remember to do the same this year as well.

The new school year started out the same as any other. Move into new dorms, meet new roommate, get class schedule, reconnect with friends from last year, and marvel over how much everyone has changed, or not changed, since they last saw you. But this year there was something missing. He hadn't appeared out of nowhere to try and steal a kiss like he had last year after we first met. In fact I hadn't seen Him at all in all the four hours since coming back to school for the new year. But me, being me, I just shrugged off the feeling of worry over where He was and why he hadn't turned up to molest me. Instead I simply went about my business getting ready for the first day of the new school year.

The next day I got up, got ready and left for school not knowing of the disaster that was about to befall me and how it would effect my second year at this place where it all began. The walk to school was normal enough; but it was what was standing in the school yard that started a chain reaction of events that would bring my world to a crashing halt. Plus a Big Boom, just to kick things off.

He was there. But He wasn't alone. There was a woman with Him who looked like she could have been His mother. Naturally I just assumed she was His mother and resisted the urge to run up and demand to know why I was only just now seeing Him because of the memory of what He had told me about how His mother felt about His preferences.

"She hates the fact that I'm not into girls." He had told me so very long ago. "She wishes I would just forget about finding true love and settle down with a nice girl and make her lots of grandchildren." He smirked at me. "But I would much rather make out with you any day." Of course nothing ever came of that idea of his. At least not right away.

Anyway, getting back to the point/story, I did not run up and hug Him because his mother was there and I didn't want either of us to get into trouble. Instead I said good bye to the friends I had been walking with and jumped into some conveniently placed bushes so as to get closer to Him without his mother noticing.

Crawling through dirt can be fun. But crawling through dirt, bushes with spines, and trying not to get too dirty, is not. However crawling though dirt, and bushes with thorns, and trying not to get too dirty, so you can get closer to the one you love without your enemy noticing, makes up for the pain and dirtiness any day.

As I got closer I began to notice things I hadn't seen before. Like how close the two of them were standing. How her hand accidentally brushed His. How her eyes met his and then shyly looked away. But most of all I noticed how cold He acted towards her and everyone else around the two of them. At the time I thought nothing of it, but if I had maybe, just maybe, things might have turned out differently during that year of change and disaster.

I sat there in the bushes for a very long time, just waiting for her to finally give up and go home. But of course seeing how things like that always go, she didn't leave until the bell rang and He had to leave or risk being late. Of course that meant I ended up being late because His stupid mother wouldn't leave until he vanished from her sight. Only then did she leave for home; so after being sure that His mother was long go and not coming back I ran off to class and ended up being scolded for being majorly late to class. At this point most people ask "How can things get any worse?" and end up jinxing the rest of their day. I can most unhappily say that I was one of those people on that very day when my world came to a crashing halt.

End Chapter 1

A Love between us will only cause you pain Part 1

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