I despise hospitals for a very good reason. Half of that reason is due to the fact that Blue is usually responsible for my ending up there in the first place. The other half is...

Before Everything is Said and Done

Chapter 11

Of broken bones and sympathetic priestesses, what the hell have I gotten my self into this time? Part 6

The first thing I noticed when I finally came to was the smell. It was your typical hospital smell of disinfectant and rubbing alcohol but with a twist I had only ever smelled in one hospital before; Cherry blossoms, my most dreaded and unlucky enemy.

The second thing I noticed, making a mental note to burn some cherry blossoms later, that there was someone holding my hand; more like gripping it to death, but that's beside the point. Through my brilliant powers of deduction I decided that it could only be one of two people gripping my poor little hand to death Johnathan or Mizuryuu. Due to the fact that my hand was decidedly numb, and the fact that the hands that held mine in that grip that would not let up for all the world and its riches and joys were distinctly feminine I concluded that it was Mizuryuu who had my hand in her's. Which actually made a lot of sense, believe it or not. Especially when one considered the events that had happened last year and the resulting friendships spawned from it.

The third thing I noticed, before finally deciding to open my eyes, were the two angry, masculine, voices that I knew all too well.

The first voice I knew right away to be Johnathan's. I had heard far too much of it lately to forget it easily. The other voice took a bit longer to figure out; seeing as it wasn't one I had heard for a long while; but despite it was the reason I finally decided to open my eyes and show the world that I wasn't dead yet.

Centering your entire life on someone, more specifically someone you love, and then not only being pushed away by that person but also watching as that person finds happiness in someone else can be a truly horrible experience. But suddenly realizing that said person has come to see you in the hospital, after you have fallen off a rather largish cliff, just about makes up for it all. Even if as you make an attempt to yell out said persons name in joy, after you have only just then woken up, you end up in sudden gasp inducing pain which in turn causes everyone to worry and call the doctors, and the nurses, and (just to be on the safe side) the best surgeon the hospital has to offer.

Which is why I did what I did and only regretted doing it after I did it.

"Blue!" I yelled, opening my eyes and sitting up; not thinking about the pain and confusion I was about to receive.

The pain came first, just so you know.

The pain was sharp, almost burning, and so intense that it caused me to fall back, gasping for breath regretting my every movement/breath up until that moment. That and I found Mizuryuu gripping my hand so hard after I shouted; I felt for sure that she was going to break it.

For a moment, just before the impending confusion, everyone was quiet except for the beeping of various machines and my tear filled gasps of pain filled breaths. In the momentary silence I was able to hear a voice I hadn't heard in a very long time.

"Idiot," The voice said. I turned my head to see who had spoken, wincing in pain as I did so, and was met by a glare bentih a mop of unruly black hair cut short and scraggly. The one who had spoken was Hikaryuu, Mizuryuu's most trusted person and my most understanding acquaintance.

With a pair of cute girls on either side of my bed and the two men I found my self torn between a few feet from the end of said bed one would think that things would be fairly easy to figure out. But, then again, one might think that things wouldn't be so easy to figure out and decide that the entire situation was far to confusing to handle, even on a good day.

The later proved to be true as He made a disgusted sound and, pushing past Johnathan, exited the room leaving me full of bodily pain and major confusion of the mind.

End Chapter 11

Of broken bones and sympathetic priestesses, what the hell have I gotten my self into this time? Part 6

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