In the beginning, scattered throughout the galaxy, existed four stars with mystical powers. The Sphynxonian was simply known as the Creator. After many years of searching, he discovered these four mystic stars.

From which he created the planet Sphynxon (sfing-saun). The planet was divided into four elements, lighting, wind, water, and fire, in honor of the four stars.

The Creator then made four prides based on the four elements, which then became Thunder Pride, Sky Pride, Flood Pride, and Magma Pride.

The Creator formed cat-like hybrids to inhabit these lands. The Sphynxonians lived in peace until on of their own kind betrayed them for power.

He was known as Tigerblood. On his quest for power he convinced the leaders of each pride to expand their territory. Into the lands that had been claimed by the other prides.

Wars broke out, fighting for control. The prides battled for decades with no end in sight. Nothing seemed to calm the fighting, until an unlikely hero emerged…