I just love cats! I think cat people are called nekos… These nekos in my story are slightly different though. I'll put a link on my profile page to show you how different. Hope you'll like my story.

Trouble with Kailly

I lay unmoving in the tall grass, my highly trained eyes seeing, even in the inky blackness of the night, the slightest movement of my prey. If it so much flinches I will see it. I hadn't been fed for days, and if I didn't now I might have had to stoop to scavenging…

Crack! I tensed, it must have moved. Yes, it has its back to me now. I slowly moved from my position on my stomach until I was in a lion like crouch. My sapphire shirt scraped the ground, along with my cut offs. My brown hair dangled in my face, I brushed it aside so I could see my prey. There. I forced my brown ears back and I bent my long legs down as far as they could go and I sprang forward.

In that moment I was airborne, my cat-like strength propelled me forward at a running speed. Its small paw steps got louder and louder. Though I couldn't see it, I knew it was attempting one last chance of escape. Death was upon the poor creature as I tackled it. It let out a low wail as I sunk my fangs into its neck. Warm thick liquid filled my mouth as the animal let out a final yelp and fell dead. It may not have been much, but I was sure this would help my pride friends out somewhat.

The long cold nights caused the prey in the forest to flee to their nests and burrows; which meant they would return to the surface less and less. The warm creature dangled in my mouth as I padded along. I was really hungry; I wanted to feast on the animal so badly. But the rule was to let the smaller ones to feed first. The kits would need it more than I would.

The chilly wind whipped across my face. I shivered. "Brrrr."

I came to where the grass ended. Stone was the only terrain from here. The busy campsite was filled with my hybrid pride friends. Or in other words my roommates. We didn't all sleep together though. The smallest, or kits, were in one section while the warriors, such as me, were in another. On the down side I have my sister waking me up early every morning. But that's a different story.

I let go of the creature and it fell into the pile with the other prey. The kill pile was small, but it looked like enough to feed pretty much everyone. I scanned the campsite of busy hybrids. Then I spotted the familiar golden pawed sister of mine. She looked like she was fixing a bed in the elders den.

I sighed. Only naughty cats that got in trouble made beds.

What did she do this time?

Walking on all fours, I strode over there to pop the question. Kailly saw me coming and smiled. She padded along in her leopard like shirt and skirt. Once she met up with me she seemed to have a puzzled look on her face.

"Back so soon?"

She obviously didn't want me to find out.

"Well, since its bare leaf there isn't much prey."

Kailly seemed to relax a little.

"Oh and I just wanted to ask…" Her sister froze.


Everyone in camp seemed to stop and stare. Kailly looked at me in anger. Her cheeks became red hot with embarrassment.

I glared at her, waiting for an answer.

"What?" She looked at me, her cheeks still red.

I raised an eyebrow. "What do you take me for? I can see that you did something, so what did you do?!"

Kailly glanced around uneasily. Some hybrids continued on with their daily routine, but the kits were still staring at my sister. A few of the girls giggled and the boys pointed. I sighed. Obviously they were laughing because an older warrior, like Kailly, got in trouble.

"Not here," she whispered. "Everyone's watching."

She led me into the elder's den so she could continue her chores. I held my nose, it reeked in here. I glanced around. The elders were basically the ones who were retired from fighting.

I looked over to the white pawed woman in the corner. She smiled at me. "Hello Kimera."

I smiled back. "Is that cold of yours better Tania?"

The white elder shook her head. "Not much."

Kailly went back to the subject. "You really wanna know?" she asked while grabbing some brown leaves.

Kailly set them in front of Tania. "Here, these Kail Leaves will help your cold."

She nodded in thanks and started eating the bitter tasting leaves.

"Well duh." I sat down and prepared to hear her story.

"Today I went out hunting with Chizonu," she began.

I nodded. I knew Chizonu was her apprentice. Since she was older she got to teach a kit hunting tactics, fighting moves, stuff like that. But he was an apprentice now and would soon be a warrior once she was finished training him.

Kailly continued. "We ran into Lilly when we were hunting and she insisted we hunt with her."

Now that was trouble. Lilly was known for being mischievous. I have no idea why we're friends with her.

"Well, she decided on heading east. So I followed her, thinking Chizonu was right behind me."

"You thought Chizonu was right behind you?" I said interrupting her.

She nodded. "Yeah, but he really wasn't behind me! He probably found something to eat and strayed off. I wanted to go back until I was caught by one of our patrols."

She sneered. "And Kairu was leading it."

I felt a small growl rise in my throat. He was a real pain in the neck at times. He was cocky; since Kairu was a higher level, and more trained, than me and Kailly he was always getting us in trouble.

"Lilly bailed so I was left explaining why I wasn't hunting with my apprentice."

"And I bet you couldn't come up with a good excuse right?" I assumed. She wasn't really good at lying either.

Kailly nodded. Her cheeks became pink again. "Yeah, I should've come up with something like he was sick or just have run away in the first place."

She glanced up at me. "Something came over me. I don't know why but I just froze."

I thought for a moment. Kailly noticed me grinning ear to ear.


"Are you sure it's not a crush that's distracting you?"

Once she heard me say this her cheeks became even redder. Meanwhile I was laughing to death on the ground. The next thing I knew Kailly was on top of me trying to scratch me eyes out with her golden spotted claws. I kicked her off me with my feet…er…paws.

I stopped laughing and Kailly decided to quit attacking.

"Sorry Kailly, I couldn't resist." I wiped a tear of laughter from my eyes.

Then I became serious. "Do you like him?"

She looked at me with her amber eyes. "Well I…"

"Get back to work Kailly!" a voice shouted from outside the den.

I turned to see Kairu sauntering on all fours through the stone entrance. I glared at him with my blue eyes. Pure rage coursed through my veins. Who did he think he was commanding my sister like he was the leader of Thunder Pride?

I saw Kailly, her spotted tail drooping, continuing her work like she was told. I stared in awe. She would have usually made a snappy comment or hiss and refuse to do it. Weird…

A sigh came from behind me. "Pathetic."

I hissed at the red eared boy then gritted my sharp teeth. "Just because she's at work doesn't mean she need's a supervisor Kairu. If anyone, then I'll do it."

A sly smile crept across his face. "This is just practice. I'm training to be a Mage then I'll move on to being the leader's assistant."

"You sicken me. You know the leader wouldn't pick a showoff like you."

I then took my leave. I looked back at him; his blood red eyes followed me as I left. My claws scraped the stone outside the den. Thunder crackled in the sky. I didn't bother looking up; this was normal weather in Thunder Pride.

I raced over to the fresh kill pile like a food crazed kit. I stopped and saw that Aaron was assigned to hand out the food. He looked over at me with his blue eyes and smiled. "Hi Kimera."

"Hi Aaron, may I have something to eat?" I asked politely.

"Sure." He dug his brown claws into the pile and handed me a medium sized creature to me. I gobbled the warm food down within a few seconds. "Well that wasn't very filling," I said.

"Sorry," Aaron apologized. "They don't get much bigger."

I sighed. My stomach growled at me as if to say; GIMME SOME FREAKIN FOOD THAT ACTUALLY FILLS ME UP!

"Ehehe." I knew I was blushing. My stomach growled even louder this time. I stared at my belly. "Shut up!"

Aaron stared at me with a weird look on his face.

"Oh great, now I'm talking to my stomach," I said out loud. "Lack of food is definitely driving me crazy."

My ears twitched. Many hybrids walked through all the campsite activity. They followed one person, a golden eared hybrid wearing battle armor. His golden metal plates on his elbows and knees glinted every time thunder struck in the sky. He had a shiny chest plate with lightning bolts surrounding a topaz gem shaped like a cloud.

"Is that Topaz?" I asked Aaron. I forgot to stop myself on that one. That was a stupid question.

"Umm, yeah?" he stared at me as if I was stupid or something.

I groaned. "Seriously, I am going crazy."

The leader's gaze seemed to fall on me. Yup, I was right, he walked over to us. I noticed his yellow eyes staring at something. He must've thought I looked strange. You see, unlike the other Sphynxonians, I had normal hands and my nails we sharp, kinda like claws. But every one else had complete cat claws. I followed his gaze; he didn't seem to be staring at my hands. I looked down at my gold choker necklace with my opal gem inset. Lightning struck in the sky and my multicolored gem seemed to glow. So that was it.

Then he finally spoke. "Is the prey plentiful?" He turned to Aaron.

I noticed Aaron swallow and stand up strait, or at least straiten up on his four paws. "It isn't the best we've had but it should be enough to feed the whole pride."

Topaz nodded. "Thank you." Then he moved on.

He stopped standing strait up and slumped. "I'm surprised he actually came out to check on every one," Aaron whispered to me. "He usually stays in his den discussing battle plans."

I still stared at my stone. Why was he so interested in it? Maybe he'd never seen it before because he was so busy. Well there's one way to find out.

I smirked. "It's time to go stalking."