No more tears

No more worries.

I'll be who I am.

I am who I'll be.

No more looking back

on mistakes and regrets.

I'll give the world love

Even if I don't get it back.

I'm going to tell you how I feel.

and not care

If you feel what I tell you.

I'm going to move on if you decline

I'll smile, oh I'll smile.

If you accept.

No more backing down.

No more chickening out.

I'll take a deep breath

and I'll let my secret out.

Guess what, darling.

I love you.

I adore you.

No more holding back.

It's a new year.

New promises.

New devotions.

New loves.

Let's start something new.

and together, grow old.

Happy New Year - It's not going to be just a saying anymore.

A/N Have a good 2008 everyonee ! (: Wishing all the best.