Chapter One


I believe the best point in starting this story was when I was at the party, at my friend's house. We were celebrating New Year's like the crazy ass teenagers we were, and letting the good times roll. Of course, at this point, I might want to also insert the fact that it was getting quite close to midnight, and everyone was starting to get slightly psychotic.

My friend, Miranda, the one throwing the party, had the music up to the point where all of our ears would bleed sooner or later and was throwing a bag of chips at Fly, her boyfriend. We called him Fly, because at one point in his life, he had attempted to jump off the roof, and seemed to actually float there for a moment…before actually falling to the ground and breaking his ankle in four places.

Miranda was laughing her head off as he grabbed the chips and tore them open. He seemed to glare at her for a moment, then smiled playfully and began eating. I sat there, watching as everyone else around me either, danced or headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Some even made their way upstairs to the roof. The only reason they were doing so was because it was so easy to access the roof from Miranda's window. We thanked horrible architecture every time we had to sneak out while we were at her house.

"C'mon Roar! Get up and dance!"

The yell pulled me out of my thoughts as I looked over to see Lizzy jogging over and breathing roughly. She had been dancing since almost eight p.m. and was still hyper. The girl surprised me so many times in my life, I thought for sure I had seen all of her tricks. Apparently not… She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me in the middle of the throng of people. I eyed her evilly for a second, but all she did was smile at me innocently.

"And now what?!" I screamed to her, over the music.

Lizzy just shrugged and moved her body to the beat.

"Find yourself a partner!" she yelled back.

I glared at her once more and threw my hands up. All she did was laugh at me.

"You'll be fine! Just go find someone!"

Then, she moved away to dance with her boyfriend, who was jumping around wildly nearby. Leaving me alone in the mass of sweaty beings, I sighed roughly and looked about for a partner. It wasn't as if I couldn't dance, I just didn't like the fact of dancing with most of my closest friends. The only big deal about the whole situation was, I hated giving the wrong idea to guys I knew. Usually, at such a party as this, when you danced with someone like most people did, it meant you were hooking up instantly.

I tried to make my way out of the mass of crazies and only ended up making my way deeper into the trap. I pushed people out of the way, but it had no effect. My shoulders sagged slightly as I finally gave up. I looked about then, and saw my other friend, Erica, pushing her way through, over to me.

"Come on, Roary! You act like you've never danced before!" she cried.

She feigned surprise and shock as she looked at me with laughing eyes. Just looking into those green orbs, I knew she was kidding, instantly. She jumped up and down to the beat of the music, throwing her curly red hair everywhere. It was at that point when I finally gave in and laughed loudly. She continued on and grabbed my wrist, forcing me to jump about with her and look crazy.

I threw my hands up into the air and jumped like there was no tomorrow. The whole crowd continued it's pumped up dance and felt as though they would never end…


If the music wasn't up loud enough, all Chris would do would whine and complain. It ticked me off to no end how he would always reach over to the dial and turn it until the speakers were practically falling out of their places on the car doors with blasting music. I rubbed my eye absentmindedly as we drove along.

Four of my other best friends occupied the back seat of the truck, and were as rowdy as ever. It's exactly how our kind got right before a party. We didn't even know which party we were going to hit, but we knew this was going to be one of the greatest New Years' we've had in quite awhile. Chris leaned forward and rolled down the window. When he poked his head out, he screamed the lyrics of the now blaring song.

" 'WHEN I'M HOME ALONE, I JUST CAN'T STOP MYSELF!!!!!!!' " he screamed.

The guys in the back head-banged along. I believe the only normal-looking one among us was probably myself. In fact, if anyone were to drive by, they would probably had called the cops for destructive behavior…or maybe "teens having too much fun". I chuckled to myself as Chris then began head-banging along with the others, leaving me looking straight ahead and hoping we arrived at our destination in one piece.

After the song finally ended, he turned down the music and tried catching his breath. I never really understood why he would do that unless there were more people around to see it. In fact, I didn't even mind being a bit crazy myself when I had people all around me. Though, hundreds of years of living had slightly dulled down the fun that a teenager would normally acquire within their short little period of "growing up".

By this point, I had reached a type of barrier that never seemed to lift from my path. At least Chris and the other guys still knew how to have fun. Being vampires didn't seem to bother them in the least. They still did what any normal teenager would do: Dance, flirt, play around in school. You name it, they did it. I, on the other hand, was the calm one. I hadn't had a girlfriend in almost a year (I ended the relationship due to the fact that I found her and the star football player making out in the cafeteria), I made straight A's in school (when I wasn't sleeping), and dancing was something I rarely did at all (I was always afraid of stepping on my partner's feet, for some reason).

"So…Where are we going, exactly?" Chris asked, looking at me curiously.

I took a left turn into the residential neighborhood and slowed to about thirty miles per hour. I looked at all of the house, trying my best to distinguish one from the other.

"Hello?! Earth to Rylee!! We're losing you Rylee!" Chris cried.

He grabbed my shoulder and shook my whole body violently. The SUV I was driving swerved dangerously close to an ugly pink mailbox near the road. I swore loudly and got it back on track. Though, not before I managed to hit Chris over the head and yell the word "jackass". He laughed hysterically and patted me on the shoulder.

"So…where's the party?" he asked for the second time.

I looked between the houses again and saw what I had been trying to uncover for almost an hour now. There was the house, with at least twelve cars parked in front, near, or close by to it. I pulled into the driveway as he asked the question and just laughed.

"It's at Miranda's." I replied, turning off the engine.

Chris smirked in approval, then opened the door and hopped out into the freezing night air. I shivered as a draft passed through the cab, but said nothing as I got out as well. The others followed close by as we made our way to the front door. Boy, would we have been a sight to take in. We were all dressed in black clothing of some sort, whether it was our hoodies, jeans, or our shirts. It didn't matter.

As we walked, my mind wandered for only a few seconds; but within those seconds, I realized the reason…the real reason why we were here. The truth was, our pack of selves hadn't fed in weeks, and we were all starving for a bite, if you catch my drift. It was probably the best idea we had come up with for New Years…this party, I mean.

Going to parties meant something along the lines of going to a feeding fest for us. When there were dozens of humans laid out before you, dancing the night away, it was quite easy to just slip in between their sweat-soaked bodies and finding the perfect one to feed upon. It was as simple as appearing behind them and taking them into your arms, moving with the beat…then taking the bite. I, personally, loved this approach. When you dance with someone only once, it's a giant chance they won't remember you within a few days.

Though, sometimes, biting can also lead to something vampires usually don't mean to do. In fact, it's happened a couple times to Chris before. He's told me about it, and the fact frightens me very much. When a vampire bites down, they don't tend to stay on one human for so long, feeding. Though, in the case of extremely hungry ones, sometimes it goes a bit too far…and the human can be turned. Turning, is one of the most horrible things a human can face. Trust me…I had to do it. Chris, on the other hand, got lucky. He was born this way.

Turning tends to take almost two days. Two of which are the most painful days some humans ever have to live through. It starts with the feeding on the human. When you feed for too long, you almost feel their shuddering bodies, announcing the fact that you've gone too far. The first day tends to be the most painful. To start out with, the human grows their fangs, first and foremost. That alone can take up to about two hours, maybe even more in special cases. Then, once the fangs have fully developed and come in, the human must feed upon the blood of the vampire that turned him or her. If this isn't done, the DNA within the person becomes corrupt and the human faces death instantly. The person of which was turned will feed upon the blood for seven hours each day, with breaks in between each hour. This method, is the best and only way to complete the Turning process.

I shuddered at the thought of my blood being fed upon for two days. It didn't seem too appetizing. At that moment, Miranda opened the door and smiled happily.

"So, you five decided to invade my house this year, huh?" she asked them.

Chris nodded and leaned over her on the door frame. For some reason, he had been trying to get with Miranda, ever since he had met her in her Freshman year. Though, with Fly always hanging around, he had been unsuccessful. Miranda knew this, but chose to play dumb, instead of facing the whole thing.

"Yeah…We figured we'd drop by and get in a few dances with some cuties before heading back home. We're bringing in the New Year with style." he replied.

Miranda laughed and held the door open wider for us to walk in. I waved at her happily, mentioning "hello" before passing her by and heading into the overly large den. All around, you could almost smell hormones floating through the air. Some many young ones…I almost lost my footing, walking into the room. I looked behind me, to see the other guys walking towards the kitchen, and Chris still flirting with Miranda. I shook my head, knowing very well that if he kept that up, Fly would probably want to kick his ass before the end of the night.

As I ran into a couple of people I knew from school on my way further in, I acknowledged them as I passed. Looking about, most of the space in the room was taken up by the giant mass of bodies jumping around. The lights had been turned off, only to be replaced by black lights, lasers, and a smoke machine or two. I took a deep breath as my eyes darted everywhere and looked over the sight. It made me want to faint right on the spot. It was so…beautiful…

Though, before getting right to the feeding, I decided to at least tour the house for a little while and take in the sights. I nodded at more people as I passed, seeing them either eating or lounging about lazily, a giant contrast to the "dance floor". Pushing a couple making out in the hallway aside, I made my way into the kitchen where a couple of other guys I'd never seen before were cooking something up on the stove that I'd rather not have taken a look at. I grabbed a bottle of water, deciding later I'd drink something else and twisted it open. I took a sip and leaned against the counter, looking as though I fit in perfectly amongst the rest of the party-goers.

Though, I hadn't always been one for labeling, it seemed that was exactly what this party was all about. The nerds were in the corner discussing some cheat codes for a game I had never heard of, most of the football players were in another corner, debating over a future game that was to take place in about two weeks, and the preps…and whoever else were popular were out in the middle of the floor, either dancing or doing something I would've rather not thought about.

Jerked out of my thoughts by Chris walking by with Miranda, I noted him instantly. He seemed to be glowing slightly as she led him through the kitchen and into the back hallway. I rolled my eyes, as Chris threw me the thumbs-up symbol and walked past. I knew Miranda wouldn't let anything happen. She seemed to love Fly way too much to let anything happen between herself and Chris. That's when I decided it was time to make my way back to the buffet. I didn't plan on staying here long, and I only wanted to get this over with. Like mentioned before, I've never been one for dancing.

I passed the couple making out again, and tossed my water bottle into the couch as I made my way into the den once more. That's when I saw it, actually…I should say her… She was one of those people that seemed to be a girl that would catch your eye immediately as an interesting person, even though you hadn't even met her yet. I could tell she had energy because I saw her jumping around crazily with, who appeared to be a friend of hers, on the floor. I knew instantly, I had to feed from her. It had to be her…

Though, if I were to label her as something, my first response would have been prep. Instant answer. Although, she looked to be more than that. She had the look of someone who wasn't shy to talk to you, or play around with you either. I noted her brownish-red hair and how she seemed to glow…or maybe it was just her white shirt under the black lights. She had a nice form, wasn't exactly skinny, but she was beautiful. Walking forward, I pushed through the crowds and made my way towards her. I wasn't popular, but it wasn't like she would notice who I was anyway. I would be done by the time midnight rolled around…then I'd probably never see her again.


I laughed happily as Erica did a little jig across the floor. Honestly, I was now glad that I had been pulled onto the dance floor. It felt great to finally dance out all of the pent up energy from the holidays. I jumped about and swerved my hips slightly. Erica clapped her hands and acted as though she were taking pictures of me, like a model at a photo shoot.

Then, I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. Whirling around quickly, I came face to face with some of the most gorgeous, blue eyes I had ever seen. Instantly, I stopped dancing and blinked twice. The only way I was pulled out of my stare was when he flashed me an innocent smile. He cocked his head to the side and motioned around us.

"You don't mind if I cut in for a bit, do you?" he asked.

At first, I hadn't even heard his question. I had been too busy noting how his hair hung roughly, almost as though it had been cut different lengths on purpose. The color was a raven black…almost purple. After he asked the question for a second time, I shook my head and looked at him slightly confused.

"Uh…I'm sorry?" I managed.

He chuckled briefly and sighed. Then, after inquiring the question once more, I felt as though I were being hypnotized. I hadn't really felt like dancing with anyone that night, though I had the feeling that I had to dance with him. It didn't make sense…he had come out of nowhere, asking for me…Odd. Though, I didn't want to appear rude, so if one dance would be enough, it couldn't hurt anyone. Right?

I nodded briefly, flashing a cute smile. He smiled back and moved behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and began moving with the beat. I swayed with him, closing my eyes and letting my mind wander for a bit. Though, the only thing on my mind was him. For some reason, the thought wouldn't go away.

I had noted his appearance well. He wasn't extremely tall, but he wasn't short either. He was roughly about 5'9, that causing me to believe he towered over my mere 5'7 self. His eyes…those were what had captured my attention most. They had been so blue…so gorgeous. And he didn't seem to care too much about what he wore. It was a simple, black shirt, hoodie, and blue jean combination. Not even that bad…

We moved at a fast pace, swaying and dancing like we had practiced this exact dance before. I couldn't help but realize I was enjoying myself almost a little too much. His hands moved across my stomach and held onto my hips. He let his head rest upon my shoulder and breathed at an even pace. I could smell the type of shampoo he used…The only description of the smell that came to the mind was "sharp"…but it smelled good.

I opened my eyes and looked around us. I hadn't realized exactly how far across the floor we had moved, apparently, we had moved all across the thing. I smiled as leaned into him. It was as though I had been put under a spell. This dance…it was great.


So far…so good… I thought, holding onto her easily.

I moved with her briefly, making her keep up with my pace. I felt dominant, and I loved it. I could smell her blood right beneath her skin, as though her neck had already been pierced by my teeth. It almost made me lose my balance a good couple of times as we moved. I cringed slightly…the thought of biting her now was just too soon…

My eyes locked onto an electronic clock that had been hung upon the wall carelessly. It was almost eleven fifty-eight. I didn't have much time, if I wanted to bite her. Though, I knew the only time to bite her would be midnight or later. That's when I decided…midnight was best…and that's when it would happen.

I gripped her to me tightly, almost as if I was afraid someone would try and take her from me…No one would make her leave before the time she was to be my meal…No one. I felt her lean against me and I sighed. It was really too bad…she was so beautiful. I had actually let myself think for a moment what would happen if I were to encounter her outside this party. Would she remember me? Or would she just dismiss me and go with her little popular friends instead. The thought made me wince slightly. Being dismissed like some dog that would never be sold made me hate the fact that I was who I was…only for a moment.

I looked over at the clock at least a thousand times more, before it had finally passed one minute. I only had one minute left with her. It was weird…she seemed to fit perfectly to my figure…She leaned into me as though we had done this a thousand times, and it was only natural to dance that way. I couldn't help but lay my head back on her shoulder as we danced. Her neck smelled of a slight perfume. It wasn't overpowering, but I could tell it was her soap from her shower. A smell…like roses.

Noting it briefly, I inhaled and almost felt my stomach catch on fire from hunger. It was almost too much to take in. I looked about as suddenly everyone around us danced harder. They knew the new year was coming in, and they wanted to bring it in with style. I kept up my pace from before, keeping her with me. She seemed eager, she knew as well how close we were to welcoming a new year.

Suddenly, I felt everyone around me screaming "HAPY NEW YEAR". I clutched her close to my frame and nuzzled her neck. She didn't seem to notice how close I had moved my lips to her neck. I couldn't help but plant a small kiss on her pale skin as I moved closer. She didn't even seem to notice that either. It made me wish that I had gotten her name… She was the kind of person I hadn't met in almost two hundred years.

Then, at the exact moment of everyone's screaming voices, I sunk my teeth deeply into her flesh. The taste was so sweet and almost so overpowering, I had to force myself to keep feeding. All she did was gasp, then I felt her move closer to me. The only thing she'd feel out of it was the fact that I was kissing her. She'd never know I had bitten her.

I fed on her for more seconds than I thought I would. Suddenly, I felt as though I couldn't pull myself away…Like she was holding me close to her and wouldn't let go. I tried to pull away, but the temptation was too overpowering and I stayed there, feeding. I was afraid that I would take too much, causing her to lose consciousness…or worse… I growled slightly as I tried to pull my fangs out of her neck, but they wouldn't budge…it tasted too good…

Finally, I felt myself loosening from her and almost sighed with relief. She appeared peaceful when I took in the look upon her face. Beautiful. I held on her arms, rubbing them with my hands, even though I was colder than she. My fangs retracted and licked a bit of the evidence away from her neck. I was glad it hadn't gone too far…Or so I thought. I had enjoyed the dance, especially the meal that had come with it. Though, when I was about to let her go, I felt that familiar shuddering run through her body…the shuddering that so many had told me about when warning me about Turnings. I almost felt my heart drop through my body to may stomach as I realized what I had done to her. The only words I could must came out in a squeak.