Your face,

fleeting in my mind,

is near erased from memory.

Your touch,

I miss it, I need it,

but 'tis gone now also

Your voice

is long since gone,

but your words, ever the same.

I hold

pieces of you

in my heart for eternity

I wish

it could sustain

but it helps me not.

I cry

for you to come back,

come back to me and hold me once more.

I yearn

for your love and affection

though I can't physically show you the same.

I wonder

what you're thinking

as I sit here and pen these words.

Your picture,

faded and not the person you are now,

reminds me that you've thought of me, too.

Asked for me, wanted to see me.

So it makes me wonder what you do

now that we're separated, apart;

now that I'm alone, without you.