The Metamorphosis:
A Dragon's Chronicle

17 May 2007

It's been two weeks since my eighteenth birthday. I'm not quite sure if it's mother's tacos or something else, but my stomach will not stop churning for any reason whatsoever. It seems like every time I eat something, it doesn't want to stay down. Mother says that it's nothing major and that I should just get some rest.

I told Lockly about my stomach problems, but he refused to hear me out. He told me he didn't want to hear about any gastrointestinal problems I've been having. But he did ask me if I wore contacts today. Strange, but when I looked in the mirror, my eye color has changed a bit. I'll ponder more tomorrow.

18 May 2007

I pondered more. And there's still no conclusion that comes to mind. But a new symptom appeared this morning: rashes. It's just a small blotchy thing on my palm, but it hurts a bit. I decided to check one of those internet hypochondriac sites to see if I could find anything, but there nothing was to be found.

When I showed mother the rash, she told me to go see a doctor. The first appointment I could get is still a week away. I'm wondering if these symptoms will get worse, or if I'll be better by the time my appointment rolls around.

Lockly called the rash disgusting.

22 May 2007

I've spent most of the last four days in the bathroom vomiting. Whatever food I had been able to keep down is certainly gone now. Right now I'm in a period of momentary comfort. Even as I write in this journal, I see that the rash I mentioned four days earlier has spread dramatically and has dried my skin. It almost seems as though the rash were scales.

Aside from that, two new symptoms appeared -- pain at the tips of my fingers and toes, and rapid weight loss (more than what can be accounted for from not being able to eat). I took a snapshot on my camera and sent it via e-mail to Lockly... he replied that I was lucky to be loosing my chunkiness.

Anyway, mother is starting to get worried now. She said that if I wasn't any better by morning she would take me to the emergency room. I feel slightly better, though... ENTRY INCOMPLETE

24 May 2007

The doctor couldn't find any known cause for my ailments. Sometimes I wonder if I'm loosing my mind. On a brighter side, though, the pain in my fingers has subsided. But it leaves me more than a little afraid, because in place of normal enamel fingernails, the bones in my hands have extended to form small talons.

The rash spread too, and now covers a good quarter of my body. Right now the doctor sent me home with some antibiotics and skin cream to counteract the scales that are taking over my body. Lockly came to see me, since I'm not allowed to leave the house. He says I'm starting to look like a big lizard.

25 May 2007

Wonderful news! I just went my first full day in a month without vomiting. Mother fixed meatloaf tonight, too, which is odd because usually I don't care for meatloaf. On the contrary, I prefer vegetables most of the time. Tonight though, I hardly touched anything but the meat.

The talons in my fingers and toes are becoming problematic too. I woke up today with scratches all over my body and holes in the bedsheets. Mother did not take kindly to that. I showed to to Lockly over the internet (the talons) and he wondered if I was turning into a dragon of all the crazy things.

03 June 2007

Lately I've been too sick to write, but the pain seems to have subsided. I don't know what is going on now, but my whole body has been wracked with pain for a week now. It is only by sheer force of will that I look into the mirror now.

Tried to stand, but something is throwing my balance off. Some sort of tail has grown from my spine, and my neck seems to have elongated as well. The scales have covered my entire body now; they're hard as steel it seems. They're thickening on the pads of my feet and my palms now too. It's almost reminiscent of paws... Maybe Lockly was right.

05 June 2007

I was right about the paws. While my appendages are still dexterous to write with, I'm not sure how long it will last. I can still walk up-right, though, and for the most part I'm still human. Lockly came to visit today, too. He said he didn't mind the tail, but that my teeth were far too sharp to make him comfortable.

My eye color has changed completely though, to a sort of amber color. The glasses I once wore were starting to give me headaches, and it turns out I no longer need them. Lockly told me I look good without them.

06 June 2007

I feel fine today. There are new developments that I've seen. Except that now that I think of it, my tastes have changed. It is probably anatomical considering that I've switched to an all-meat diet. Vegetables don't like me much anymore.

10 June 2007

My face is changing, elongating into a snout. My neck, too, has become serpentine. The tail now attached to my body seems to have stopped growing, and is remarkably prehensile. However more problems than just that have arose. I can no longer wear any sort of clothing; it doesn't fit, and if it does it is extremely uncomfortable. Because of this, no visitors are allowed to see me anymore.

Lockly and I communicated solely by e-mail now. I update him regularly with snapshot photos. There isn't much to do other than try to keep in contact with him. Lockly seems to be my last link to the outside world. Thank God for a friend like him.

11 June 2007

Something is wrong. My parents are screaming and I hear pounding at the door. Something about national security. I can only assume they mean me... The intruders are rummaging now -- I can hear them clearly. They must be looking for me.

I can hear mother crying. Their livelihoods are being destroyed because of me. Their home. I've decided that I'll go with them. Eventually they'll find me anyway, so I might as well save them the trouble and save my parents some trouble as well.

This may be my last entry.

10 July 2007

I've only now convinced the lab-coats to give some sort of furnishings. They've caged me in a padded room, very small. It seems that they've been under the impression that I lack any sort of human intelligence, therefore allowing them to treat me like an animal. It is sort of my fault, I suppose. I've not been much in the mood for talking.

Barring that ignorance, they've observed me now for almost a month. The furnishings and comforts they did give me are very little -- a basket of all things and only now a small computer to keep my journal. Little do they know that I know something about computers and rigged the old thing for wireless.

I sent Lockly a message but there's been no reply. And my parents have not replied either. I wonder if anything has happened to them. It wouldn't surprise me.

There's only been minor changes since I last updated. My face is now completely alien and the scales covering my body are deep violet, uniform in color. Small horns are protruding out of various parts of my body. Mostly they come from joints as elongated bones. My knees and elbows are horned, as is my head now.

11 July 2007

They're serving me raw meat. Actually, the anatomical changes in my body have produced the affect of me preferring my meals raw. There is no need any more for the bathroom they stuck me with. I just noticed that I've not had to use it in at least two weeks. My body must be digesting everything now. I told the lab-coats to give me more food and they agreed. My appetite has increased dramatically.

There's still no reply from Lockly or my parents. I'll ask tomorrow what they did with them. For now I'm rather tired.

14 July 2007

Too busy to update over the past few days. The lab-coats have subjected me to too many tests to count. Most of them involve cutting away my natural armor to get at my insides. It seems they no longer care if I'm comfortable. I may have to break out to survive much longer.

Some of the other tests were only to see my capabilities. These claws make good weapons... I may need them later. I soon must work on my plans of escape. I don't know where I am, where their keeping me. I'll find out though.

18 July 2007

So much pain... The single mirror in my cell tells me that I've finally grown wings. They're heavy, bat-like things that make it hard to stand on two legs. That's started changing, too, though. My spine is starting to bend of its own will, forcing me to walk on all fours sometimes. It's painful, but there isn't anything I can do to help it.

I suppose that by this time neither Lockly nor my parents are going to answer my queries. The lab-coats must have silenced them, leaving me with no place to go. They never did answer me when I asked them about it. That's worst case though. They may still be alive, but unable to answer me.

24 July 2007

There isn't any other choice now. This will be my last entry in this journal. The minimal internet access I've granted myself will allow me to send out this journal to the internet, but whether the world believes it or not is another matter.

I'm on four legs now, but still able to keep a log. And I just recently discovered the jet of flames that I can project from my muzzle. The lab-coats know about it as well, and with my keen hearing I found out their plans: "kill the beast." I'll do my best to survive, and if I live through this attempt at freedom, I'll try to find someplace out of the way to live, finishing my metamorphosis.

They're coming now, twenty armed soldiers. I'll make them pay for killing my family, and for killing Lockly. And they'll see what a dragon can do... ENTRY INCOMPLETE