This is a list of the people, terms and places in Demesne. You can glance over it or go on to the first chapter.

Demesne Glossary

Bud- An apprentice.

Crow- A beggar or someone who asks for food.

Dodai Desert- The desert around Demesne and Britta's lands.

Fjorden Monaña- The lands of Leiyan the Destroyer. They are filled with Wandersprites and souls of those who never were able to finish their journey across the rocky crags.

Ghost District- The slum of Demesne where the Roots live.

Greenworker- Magic worker or mage who can control, enhance or command plants to follow their will.

Lion- A huge, strange beast of the desert. Unlike their smaller cousins, these lions grow up to six feet tall at the shoulder and can be ridden. White, chardonnay or black in color.

Mint District- A popular district for rich Stems.

Mother Tree (also Tree Mother)- Mother Tree is the great plant that created Demesne and the surrounding world.

Needle House- The Needle House is an abandoned manor in the Ghost District used by the thief children.

Petal- The highest class of Demesne, the nobles or royalty. Petals are normally Lords and Ladies or mages.

Provocation Tunnels, the- A long tunnel that stretches all the way under the Fjorden Monaña. Ruled by the Rex Ganbaro.

Ravenskeep- Monastery of the Single Raven.

Redworker- Magic worker or mage who can control, enhance or command heat and fire to follow their will.

Root- The lowest class of Demesne, Roots have been confined to the Ghost Districts of the town. Many Roots have no jobs or are herbalists, seamstresses or servants.

Rose (also the Rose)- The royal family and rulers of Demesne. Their family consists of the Rose Emperor, the Rose Empress and the Rose's children.

Sand Shadow- When garbage and corpses are thrown over the walls of Demesne the Sand Shadows, a race of desert people, take what they want from it and throw the rest in the Shadow Cave.

Silverworker- Magic worker or mage who can control, enhance or command things of the mind, light, or stone.

Single Raven- Creator and protector of the Fjorden.

Stem-The middle class of Demesne, the majority of the people. Stems include bakers, traders, botanists and ironsmiths.

Tree Mother- See 'Mother Tree'

Thorn- The guards of Demesne.

Thorn Bud- An apprentice Thorn.

Wandersprites- Demonic creatures or beasts that live in the Fjorden Monaña.

Weed- Street-slang for a Root or person from the Ghost District.

Cast of Characters

Aster: A thief from the Needle House, fifteen.

Azad: Owner of an inn in the Mountain of No Return.

Beargrass: Big convict with large eyes and bronze skin.

Beggar Lord, the: King and ruler of the Crows of Demesne.

Britta: Queen Britta the Witch rules the half of the Dodai Desert that the Rose doesn't control. Their lands are divided by the Mountain of No Return.

Chickweed: A thief from the Needle House, sixteen.

Columbine: Ganbaro's black stallion.

Cowslip: The Beggar Lord's doorman.

Crisston: Sand Shadow, a elite of Thronlatch.

Dayne: A former Sand Shadows that has been many places and has many secrets. Seventeen.

Fletcher: Archer, Sand Shadow.

Ganbaro: The current Rex of the Provocation Tunnels underneath the Fjorden Monañas.

General Yew: The loyal General of Lady Trillium, General Yew is an expert fighter and strongly dislikes Thornlatch.

Glaciar: High Monk of the Ravenskeep Monastery.

Henna Thinleaf: A Petal and sister of the Beggar Lord.

Hickory: A thief from the Needle House, seventeen.

Imala: Aster's small white desert horse.

Iris: Needle House leader, Aster's sister, Lady of the Needle Children. Poisoned by Petals.

Kelila: Dayne's black desert horse.

Kale: An Thorn Bud with big plans against the Rose.

Katri: Ruthless, talented Sand Shadow, female, the elite of the elite.

Klayre: Sand Shadow.

Lady Trillium:The Rose Empress, Queen of Demesne and ruler of the surrounding deserts.

Leiyan the Destroyer: Ruler of the Fjorden Monaña. Also goes by Lei.

Mace: A silent convict who is rumored to have committed murder several times.

Melon: Crow, often seen hanging around the Needle House and asking for food.

Nettle: A thief from the Needle House, fifteen.

Nightshade: Queen of the Convicts', Nightshade is spirited and lanky and knows the Convict Sewers like the back of her hand.

Pennyroyal: Aster and Kale's messenger pigeon.

Poppy: Street boy, Tansy's younger brother.

Shap: A stuttering Sand Shadow.

Sofi: Sand Shadow.

Sorrel: Sharp-tongued convict, thief.

Talons: A Sand Shadow.

Tanglefoot Thinleaf: See 'Beggar Lord, the'.

Tansy: Street girl, older sister of Poppy.

Thornlatch: Master Thornlatch, owner of S-9 and overseer of the Abyss. He is an expert tracker and is ruthless when he finds his prey.

Walden: A Sand Shadow.

Yew: See "General Yew"

Zaiire: Sand Shadow, one of Thornlatch's elite

Districts of the City of Demesne

-Herb District

-Mint District

-Grain District

-Floral District

-Market District

-Ghost District

-Bars District