My addiction. I don't just crave it. I need it. I need it like a newborn baby needs air. Without it, life is nothing but a hollow shell. With it, life is everything.

My addiction. I savor its sweetness and remember the high it always gave me. I remember crashing down from the high and feeling so empty. So hollow. Always yearning more. Sometimes, I would wait for so long to get just a little. Just a little. The wait always killed me, ate me up inside till I felt insane and couldn't take it anymore. Maybe I was insane. Insane for my addiction.

Ridiculous some people told me. Told me I was pathetic. Told me to get a life. My addiction is my life. They don't understand. They've never felt the ecstasy I've felt once my craving was satisfied. Just a little, I would tell myself, but a little always turned into a lot. I had no more control over my life. My addiction controlled me. Controlled my life.

After awhile, everyone becomes tired of you. They hate what you've become. They hate what you do, who you are, and your addiction. They leave. They all leave until there's nothing left. Nothing left except for your pathetic addiction.

Some might give up their addiction, just to get their friends and family back. I won't. I can't.

The high is just too irresistible. It calls to me. Tells me it'll make me feel good, if only for a while. A while is all I need. I just need to feel that piece of heaven for a while. I just need to feel invincible for a while. I need the solace if just for a while. Heaven and solace were never things that were provided by people. Just my addiction.

It always drove me over the edge, this addiction of mine. Always left me wanting more. Always leaving me satisfied and yet somehow, unsatisfied. It confused me. But the confusion was forever overshadowed by the pleasure of a good high. Nothing beats a good high.

I owe it all to my addiction. No friends, no family, just a high. A high that was unbeatable, but it'll never last. It never does.

There's always a time when you aren't able to obtain your addiction and this is the worst part. The wait. It kills me, my addiction does, but I keep coming back.

My addiction. Oreo Cakesters.

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