Hi again after so long,

I know I'm not really meant to be posting announcements, and it's been a number of years since this story was posted, but I thought there might still be some people who are interested.

So a few months ago someone tried to steal Fear and Blood and post it on a different site under their own name. I found out and complained, as did the other people he stole from (he had stolen two other stories as well as mine) and he was taken down. With some encouragement from people from that site as well as this one, I decided that I would repost an edited version of Fear and Blood. I also may post some other work that may relate to Fear and Blood.

If anyone is still interested in reading this story without most of the mistakes and some extra bits please go to my profile, you can follow the link from there to my wattpad account where I go by the name of TheWorldTurns.

Thanks for all the support over the years and hope to be hearing from some of you soon.

Thanks again,