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My Role in Honoring Veterans

Honestly, the subject of how to honor veterans is a difficult one for me. I realize that honoring veterans is a very important thing to do because they have made great sacrifices and are deserving of respect. However, I don't really have any veterans in my life so it is a topic I haven't really thought about before. To be completely truthful I can only offer hypothetical situations on how I might honor veterans in lieu of actual experience of dealing with veterans. Although perhaps one who has little experience in a subject can offer the ideal examples of it.

One way of honoring veterans might be to just be there for them. If someone were to know an older local veteran maybe that person should offer to help them around the house as a way of honoring them. A veteran might also appreciate having someone to tell their war stories or, if their particular war was painful for them, stories about "the good old days." Maybe a person wanting to honor veterans could volunteer to help with a Veteran's Day program or just volunteer to do something general that will help veterans.

Another important way to honor veterans is to advocate pacifism and encourage the government to seek peaceful resolutions and to go to war only as a last resort. Many veterans would probably not want more people to have to experience the hardships of war that they were exposed to. Many veterans lost friends, siblings, parents an even their sanity because of war and it would only be logical that they could be honored by preventing people from having to go through these losses. Additionally, unjust, purposeless wars seem to cheapen the sacrifice made by veterans.

One of the most important ways to honor veterans is to vote, but not vote based on fleeting passions or on issues that in the scheme of things only draw attention away from real issues, but to be an informed voter. Informed voters are the "voice of democracy." Furthermore, informed voters can prevent wrongful wars. By voting people can ensure that candidates who will do the right things not just for veterans, but for the country as a whole. This is why voting is essential not just to honoring veterans, but to caring for this country.

The only experience I really have in honoring veterans is sitting in on my school's Veterans Day program, not giving it my full attention, worrying about a test or an assignment. I feel bad about this, but because I don't know any veterans I haven't had any chances to do so. However, in the future I can do the important things for honoring veterans, such as volunteering, voting, and staying informed. Despite my inexperience, I do believe that honoring veterans is not a trivial matter. We all need to play our role and do those things most important in honoring veterans.