December 21st of 2oo7

Winter Solstice.
Born under a starless sky of night
Raised in the shadows of light
Unshielded from cut, burn, bite
It's a
sad life

He remembered the days when love never failed him
When he wasn't frail like now, when he wasn't so pale
Those were the days when he got a smile from this girl every day
Perfect, white teeth, full lips, glistening with fresh gloss
Eyes bright with joy – happiness
It was simple.
It was love.

"I need to be alone for a while." Depression, loneliness, sadness – common feelings
(but this one was different, this one wasn't common)
"What's wrong? Tell me."
An insistent curiosity, an irresistible need to just know
(but she already knows)
"Nothing's wrong."
"No, there's something wrong with you. Tell me, I can help."
(when all along, it's her that's the problem)
"It's nothing."
"Tell me!"
(when will it cross her corrupted mind that he already found out?)
"Hey, why don't you just shut up and leave me alone? IT'S NOTHING."
"I'm sorry, here, I'll go away and leave you alone, okay? I'm sorry..."
(Fake apologies- she's still pretending, but in vain)
One last look – Turn around, walk away. And then a sudden yell from him echoes
across the room, lividfumingbold
"Yeah, you leave and never come back! I don't want to see your face ever, again."

Falling down
to the core of this good-for-nothing world,
Trapped there, screaming, bleeding
All deceit
It was just some kind of vice that kept him in
Tight, hold it,
Like a cage that had no bars,
just four plain steel walls
And he's inside, clawing
spitting on them in disgust
a useless pathetic attempt to escape
this reality, this brutality, this

Soon enough he'll be drifting away
Barely breathing, barely seeing,
eyes misted over with agony and pain
with red tears running like blood stained rivers down
pale h o l l o w e d cheeks
gossamer lashes
f l u t t e r i n g in distress
blackenedcharred memories blurring his mind - his soul and
heart clenched with despair
wrenched free of hope
he isn't scared no more
his blank eyes don't well up with tears
(but he still cares.)

He still cares.

AN//:: I wrote this Dec. 21, (Last year, in fact:P) but didn't have time to submit it. Went on vacation, got back yesterday at 11:49PM, simply overjoyed that I didn't celebrate New Year's on the plane, submitting it now, at 2:52PM, January 1st, two-thousand.eight. Happy New Year all. Love, Steph.