Strange Infatuation
(formerly Stolen Memories)
Sarah Suckerlove.

Summary: Bri wakes up one morning in her bed after being missing for two years with no recollection of the time she was gone. While trying to get back to normal life (as normal as it can be for a girl who mysteriously appeared after being gone without a trace), she meets an unfamiliar boy who seems to hold the key to her disappearance. As she gets to know the boy better, her memories about her missing time begin to unravel, and she discovers things about herself she forgot she knew.
Warning: There are some bits of slash (both M/M and F/F) that occur in this story. There isn't much of it, but if you have any sort of problem with it this story probably isn't for you. Also, you may not agree with the views or ideas presented by some characters in the story (hell, I don't believe some/most of them), but it's fiction and I must ask you not to judge the story based on this. Constructive criticism is my friend, but telling me you don't believe with the views of my characters is just absurd.

A few more things... yes, this chapter is short. It's a prologue, it was meant to be. And I would appreciate it if you reviewed my story after reading it. Reviews are my only motivation for posting here. I'm sorry for all the ranting. In future chapters, you probably won't see any more author's notes, so you won't have to deal with me, haha. Enjoy the story (or don't)!

Prologue: Before

Every school day is exactly the same. I go from class to pointless class, learning about things that I know will never help me in the real world. Nonetheless, I pay attention. I'm a good student, despite knowing that none of this will matter in two years. Although I suppose I shouldn't talk. I can't say that I have any true skill in any one area. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. High school, as much as I loathe the whole concept of it, is the one thing I'm good at. Educationally, I mean. Not socially.

Between classes, I rarely socialize. It's not that I don't have friends – I do – I just don't see the point in stopping and talking to them for a half a minute and then having to rush to class. I suppose if I had a boyfriend, things would be different. We'd hold hands in the hallways, and he'd give me a kiss before I went into my class. But I wouldn't go for just any guy. There's this one I've had my eye on since I was a lowly freshman. I waited too long, though.

His name is Jordan Richardson. I love everything about him. He's adorable, he's got the most beautiful eyes, and this short brown hair with a slight curl to it. The problem is, he's going out with Kit Rivers. Everyone always comments on how perfect they are, how cute they look together. Normally, I wouldn't let this phase me – I'd go for it. I'd tell myself, "I'm better than her, I'll make him see that." The problem here is that Kit Rivers is my best friend.

Today, like every day, on my way to fourth block, the last block of the day, I see them together. They're a few feet ahead of me in the hallway, attached at the hand as always. Normally, I would catch up and walk with them, as I'm friends with both of them. But sometimes I feel like maybe I'm intruding. I don't want to be a nuisance. They stop in front of Kit's class and Jordan kisses her. I walk quickly past so I don't have to watch them eat each others' faces.

After class, I take the bus home. As a Junior, I can't get my parking pass yet, even though I can drive. I don't know if either of my parents would trust me to take their cars anyway. I sit in the front with some underclassman I don't know, and find myself staring out the front window. Every day is a repeat of the last. I wish my life was exciting.

The afternoon is just as boring as the day. From the moment I get home to when my head hits my pillow, not one worthwhile thing happens. I do my homework, I read a book, I play my piano, I watch a little television. I don't even have anywhere to go, like some people who are socially booked seven days a week. My mom tries to start up conversations with me, but I'm not interested. Truthfully, talking to her makes me realize that she's the only person I can really talk to about things. I told her once about my infatuation with Jordan, and now she always tries to ask me things about him. I kind of wish I had never told her, but I had to tell someone. Kit is my best friend, but of course I could never tell her.

Now I'm lying in bed, thinking all this over. My life isn't horrible, it's not even bad, but it's undeniably boring. I need some excitement. Even just a weekend getaway to visit relatives would satisfy me. It's no use hoping ,though. I tell myself it will be okay anyway. Once I graduate, I can get away from this place and live my life the way I want to live it. It won't be very long.