Chapter 2- Sounds in dark places.

Blair glanced around, pressing me into the wall more firmly, the black coat that he was wearing now spread around the both of us, keeping us invisible to onlookers. I could now hear breathing. At first I thought that I was hyperventilating again but I soon realised that it wasn't coming from me or Blair, but from the street that we had just left. There was a howl that made all of my hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and trembling, I clung onto Blair as tightly as I could.
"Come out vampyre!" a husky voice cried and the breathing became louder, claws clicking on the pavement, "I smell a human you bloodsucker! You know it's always polite to share!" A thrilling howl ended this sentence then there was silence. A deathly silence.

There was a sudden scream from down the street from a middle-aged woman and I closed my eyes and covered my ears, trying to block out the sound of something tearing someone's throat. Blair pushed me further into the wall with his body but I still heard it. The sound of spilling blood. The sound of something eating, killing their hunger. A dog was lapping up water. No not water, blood. I hid my face in the crook of Blair's neck and breathed in his scent, letting it calm me down. After a while I guess that Blair suddenly realised what was going on and I felt him flinch and step back. I opened my eyes, only seeing his silhouette.
"That could have been you..." he muttered quickly, not looking at me. I shivered at the thought and stepped towards him, craning my neck to try and see if the bloody scene was over. Blair stopped me with a hand wrapped around my arm near the elbow, his fingers overlapping easily, "Let's go while we can" He started to steer me away in the opposite direction away from the werewolf and its dinner.

As we walked I thought about what Blair had said, how that could have been me. Sudden nausea hit me as I realised that someone had just lost their life. A hooker perhaps? It was a woman. My vision started to tremble and the ground suddenly came very close to my face before something stopped me. Blair pulled me to my feet without saying anything, without looking at me or asking me if I was okay. He pulled me along by the wrist and he did it so naturally that it startled me. His hand was cold as ice and hard. My hand began to feel numb as his hold cut off the circulation. I began to wonder if he could feel my blood fight his hold and as soon as the thought crossed my mind, Blair hissed and abruptly let go of my wrist. The blood rushed back to my fingers and I hurried to catch up to Blair who was descending into a darker part of town, slipping into the shadows.

After an hour or so I felt a shiver go down my spine and I looked back. Tensing I turned back to Blair who wasn't in front of me anymore. Panicking, I blinked and turned back almost knocking into Blair who was tensed with his back to me. I almost sighed with relief until I saw what made Blair turn back. I swallowed. In front of him, only a foot away was the murderous werewolf. It was taller than any normal human being.

"Where do you think you're going, especially with my desert?" The werewolf spat, bits of muscle and skin landing on Blair's clothing. The waer grinned, flashing his teeth where you could see the remains of his victim stuck between the canines which were in turn stained by the blood. I felt my stomach turn and Blair grabbed for my wrist again, taking it into his grasp, pulling me further behind his back. With a sudden jolt I realised that he was protecting me, protecting me from the hungry lustful eyes that the werewolf was providing at that very moment.

"You can't possibly protect some weak... useless...human," The werewolf gagged on the word, "Why that's just worthless, so beneath our class, especially for you, my dearest King"

I frowned slightly then let the expression soften as sheer curiosity took its place as I made meaning from the werewolf's words. Was Blair really King?

"Then again, this isn't the first time you've bought home a human...isn't that right Vampy? I hear that you prefer the French." The werewolf continued slyly before craning his neck to over at me, licking his lips, "Mmm. Tasty."

I saw Blair stiffen and I imagined his eyes glowing with the anger that radiated from every inch of his body. If I dared, I could touch his skin to see if it felt like burning charcoal...
"Shut up, filthy mutt." Blair snapped and the werewolf growled, yellow eyes glaring at the vampyre who stepped forward, letting go of my wrist.
"You would make a great fool of yourself," the werewolf continued though with less enthusiasm as Blair stalked up to him. I saw his yellow eyes glance around briefly before resting on his foe, "... aren't you worried about what your Queen will say? ... About you bringing home a human?"

Blair tried to control himself, kept telling himself that the beast in front of him was not worth it.

"Then again, I guess that even the Queen has her favourites after the late King..."

Blair's anger got the best of him and in a second he was on top of the werewolf and the two creatures fell backwards into the shadows. I stepped back, my back against the wall and I numbly tried to figure out what to do as I heard the two creatures fight against each other, each growling and snapping at each other's throats...